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Platform Server 10.0.616.0

Released on Oct 16, 2017

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed an issue when deploying multi-tenant modules for scenarios having a large number of tenants and entities with a large number of attributes. (RPD-2496)
  • Is now possible to edit the Developer Role in LifeTime. (RPD-2605)
  • Fixed an issue when deploying applications with broken references through Lifetime. (RPD-2715)
  • Fixed an internal error while validating a deployment plan in LifeTime. (RLIT-1331)
  • Fixed an error related to users synchronization in the LifeTime process for cleaning up old metadata. (RLIT-1306)
  • Fixed security issue while editing protected users in LifeTime. (RPD-2581)
  • Fixed a security vulnerability in LifeTime. (RPD-2580)
  • Fixed an issue when adding a meta tag to an email screen. (RPD-2506)
  • [.NET Only] Cleaned up unnecessary page meta tags from auto generated pages. (RPD-2651)
  • [.NET Only] Fixed an issue that was causing SEO site rules to override IIS rules. (RPD-2600)
  • [.NET Only] Fixed an error while creating sessions in Oracle stack. (RPD-2546)
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