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Platform Server 10.0.614.0

Released on Sep 19, 2017

New in Platform Server 10.0.614.0

  • Added new Japanese translations to LifeTime. (RLIT-1157)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed an error when running the application in the Personal Area. (RPD-2502)
  • Fixed an issue in the environment synchronization and staging operations in LifeTime that was causing the environment to keep synchronizing. (RPD-2452)
  • Fixed an issue that was skipping the input's OnChange function when the Enter key was pressed just after changing the input. (RPD-2450)
  • Fixed an issue in the Deployment Controller that was causing the publishing operation to hang in some platform upgrade scenarios. (RPD-2442)
  • Fixed an error occurring when the login was performed from a device having the User-Agent request header string larger than 200 characters. (RPD-2175)
  • Fixed an XSS vulnerability in the iframe to preview mobile devices screens. (RPD-1957)
  • Fixed an issue in mobile apps navigation that was causing the app to crash when the user clicked too many times on Go Back links. (RAFT-800)
  • [.NET Only] Fixed an access error when introspecting iDB2 tables in Integration Studio by removing a dependency to QADBFDEP table. (RPD-2514)
  • [.NET Only] Fixed slowness and timeouts when publishing the application in MySQL. (RPD-2474)
  • [.NET Only] Fixed a runtime error when calling a SAP BAPI having a decimal value which length exceeds the decimal length of the BCD SAP data type. (RPD-2409)
  • [.NET Only] Fixed a compilation error when consuming a SOAP Web Service with elements including a hyphen ('-') in the name. (RPD-2389)
  • [Java Only] Fixed a compilation error when consuming a SOAP Web Service with nested complex types. (RPD-2449)
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