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Platform Server 10.0.502.0

Released on May 24, 2017

New in Platform Server 10.0.502.0

  • App Feedback is now available for Mobile Application. (RLIT-894)
  • Added support for Unicode characters in application names. (RPD-1457)
  • Improved the loading time of the page that lists Applications in LifeTime. (RPD-1928)
  • Improved the performance of the page used to create a deployment plan in LifeTime. (RPD-1929)
  • Improved handling of process events when the system has hundreds of thousands of events in the queue. (RSWT-252)
  • [.NET Only] Added support for Windows Server 2016. (RSAT-64)
  • [.NET Only] Added support for Microsoft SQL Server 2016. (RSAT-3)
  • [.NET Only] Added support for Application Pools in Integrated mode. (RSAT-294)
  • [Java Only] Upgraded Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server from version 4.1 to 6.0. (RSAT-35)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the mobile application to cache updated resources from the server. (RPD-2042)
  • Fixed issues that prevented mobile applications from rolling back faulty upgrades. (RRCT-448)
  • After changing the configurations of a mobile application in Service Center, the message informing that the mobile application needs to be generated is now correctly displayed. (RPD-2008)
  • Fixed an issue in generated mobile applications causing the absence of necessary resources to work offline when the application was published in two-step mode and required Impact Analysis. (RPD-1934)
  • Fixed "Invalid compiler output" error during the Impact Analysis in staging and solution publish of mobile applications. (RPD-1934)
  • Fixed an issue occurring in mobile applications at runtime that was allowing the end-user to type more text than the defined Max. Length in Input and Text Area widgets. (RPD-1949)
  • Fixed an issue in the upload widget for mobile applications that was preventing devices in Android 4.4.2 to see the uploaded file name. (RPD-1983)
  • Database images are now correctly refreshed when they change. (RPD-1523)
  • Fixed the date time of the user last login in MySQL. (RPD-1639)
  • Improved the performance of deleting emails in MySQL. (RPD-1554)
  • Fixed an issue in FormatText() built-in function occurring when the given padding char was an empty string. (RPD-1870)
  • Fixed an issue in the validation e-mail function that was validating emails with two consecutive dots. (RPD-1742)
  • Fixed the logging mechanism for consumed REST APIs to no longer log when Activity Logging is disabled. Errors are still logged. (RPD-1903)
  • LifeTime users are now allowed to discard their own deployment plans. (RPD-1641)
  • Fixed an issue in LifeTime information screens that was causing mobile builds to be incorrectly marked as outdated. (RPD-1751)
  • Fixed the user synchronization when LifeTime is not installed in a dedicated environment. (RPD-280)
  • Clicking the Service Account link in LifeTime's Application Permissions screen now redirects to the correct screen. (RPD-1645)
  • Fixed breadcrumb in LifeTime's Service Account detail screen. (RPD-1646)
  • LifeTime now allows specifying multiple Content Security Policy report-to directive values. It also allows overriding the default value of this directive. (RPD-1920)
  • Content Security Policy report-to directive default value is now being replaced by the correct internal URL and directive violations are being logged in Error Log. (RPD-1902)
  • The limit of characters in Content Security Policy properties fields within LifeTime application security settings was increased to the number of characters supported in the database. (RPD-2015)
  • LifeTime is now catching the error and showing an explanatory error message if there are conflicts with the application name when deploying to an environment. (RPD-1056)
  • Fixed LifeTime Deployment API v1 method "/environments/{EnvironmentKey}/applications/{ApplicationKey}/content/" to return a valid download link. (RPD-1748)
  • Method Command.CreateParameter from RuntimePublic.Db API now respects parameter value when called twice. (RPD-1442)
  • Fixed an issue that was causing BPT Processes to be locked after changed and deployed via Service Studio 1-Click-Publish. (RPD-1312)
  • The event subscriptions for processes that use the "Launch On" property are now cleared when deleting a module. (RSWT-253)
  • [.NET Only] Fixed exposed REST APIs that were not working when debugging in the Personal Area. (RPD-1762)
  • [Java Only] Fixed an issue that was blocking a new installation using Java stack with MySql database. (RPD-2179)

Known Issues

  • If using Oracle or MySQL databases, an error will occur in Configuration Tool when upgrading from version 10.0.408.0 to version 10.0.502.0. To fix the issue, install version 10.0.503.0.
  • If using a custom authentication provider which remaps usernames, users will not be able to login in LifeTime. 
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