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Platform Server 10.0.408.0

Released on April 19, 2017

New in Platform Server 10.0.408.0

  • Improved the performance of the Login operation.

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed an infinite loop while publishing a solution due to constantly trying to generate native builds of mobile apps that failed to publish.
  • Fixed the performance issue when a deployment was prepared in the LifeTime interface.
  • Fixed incorrect URL paths that sometimes were generated in style sheets when publishing solutions, which lead applications to be unavailable offline.
  • Fixed the compiled code of action flows that, in very particular scenarios, raised an unwanted exception at runtime.
  • Fixed a compilation error when consuming an Entity with attributes with default values.
  • Added a compilation error when generating queries with join types (e.g.: FULL JOIN) that are not supported by the underlying database (e.g.: MySQL).
  • Fixed a runtime error caused by calling a client-side action without arguments inside a JavaScript node, even if all parameters were optional.
  • Fixed runtime error due to a missing implicit conversion from Record List to List when assigning the result of a client-side function to a variable.
  • Fixed runtime error when running in the Personal Area and debugging elements consumed from another module.
  • Fixed error when running in the Personal Area and the Entry Module is a consumer module.
  • Fixed a different behavior when comparing compound data types (like structures or entities) on client and server sides.
  • Fixed a publish error after changing the entity action in the 'Start On' property of a Conditional Start to an action of another entity and then deleting the previous entity.
  • Fixed the feedback message that sometimes did not disappear in Android 4.4 devices.
  • Fixed a compilation error after changing the database catalog of a mobile application with local storage.
  • Fixed an error when upgrading mobile applications created in version to a newer version.
  • Fixed raising an error when OnAfterFetch is executed and the element to render data is no longer present on the page.
  • PreviewInDevices module is no longer available by default in Production environments.
  • Fixed a compilation error when a Boolean Literal was assigned to a Long Integer variable.
  • Fixed the user permissions to tag a version in LifeTime, where users with different permissions in different environments always had the most restrictive permissions from all environments.
  • Changed Service Accounts in LifeTime to be defined by a name and username (instead of just the username), which allows identifying if an application was deployed by a service account or a single user.
  • Fixed tooltip text in the Application Details page in LifeTime that was showing HTML tags.
  • Fixed the consumption of SOAP Enum elements with only white spaces. They were created as Item and used as Item instead of white spaces.
  • Fixed the performance issue in dequeuing emails with MySQL.
  • Fixed error message in Configuration Tool that was referring Oracle when upgrading a MySQL database.
  • [.NET Only] Fixed a client-side error when a list of binary data containing nulls (NullBinary) is used in a call to the server.
  • [.NET Only] Fixed Service Center when it sometimes hanged while publishing modules or extensions that needed to be upgraded.
  • [.NET Only] Fixed Configuration Tool and OutSystems Solution Pack Tool (OSPTool) to block and wait for requested operations to finish.
  • [.NET Only] Fixed variables that lost their value when it was set inside an On Notify action of a Web Block/Web Screen that was not rendered.
  • [.NET Only] Fixed error when compiling consumed REST methods with DateTime parameters.
  • [.NET Only] Fixed applications that were changing to the default language after logging out or switching tenant.
  • [Java Only] Fixed a type conversion error when calling a SOAP web service with a list of enumerates.
  • [Java Only] Fixed the advanced configuration for MySQL in Configuration Tool that was not asking for the database server and schema.

Known Issues

  • Unable to perform a new installation using Java stack with MySql database. As workaround, in Configuration Mode step of Configuration Tool, select option "2 - Advanced Configuration" and enter a space in the "Extra parameters" field.
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