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Platform Server 10.0.405.0

New in Platform Server 10.0.405.0

  • Added Session Fixation Protection by default to Web applications
  • New command-line API to automate the platform installation. Read more about it in the Unattended Installation and Upgrade document.
  • Improved performance of the Upload step in 1-Click Publish (Service Studio)
  • Improved the LifeTime API with a REST API for module service that allows listing modules and their details.

Bug Fixing

  • Security tab is now shown for mobile apps in Service Center application page. (#1581294)
  • LifeTime now allows hotfixes to be marked as resolved when the application is not published in the development environment. (#1389742)
  • Improved the robustness of LifeTime's synchronization of applications with a great number of module versions. (#1522858)
  • Fixed JavaScript injections (XSS attack) on List Records, TableRecords, and EditableTables. (#1548057)
  • Fixed some server exceptions that were not being correctly transmitted to Mobile Applications making their detail message blank. (#1463637)
  • Fixed referenced resources (from Web Responsive to Mobile modules) not being bundled in the application manifest. (#1582961)
  • Fixed mobile login when the Effective User Provider is different from the module's User Provider. (#1575732)
  • Fixed the Dropdown widget positioning when opened on a tablet. (#1582969)
  • Fixed widget validations to refresh elements in a list. (#1582966)
  • Fixed error with Combo Boxes using entities with non-alphanumeric column names. (#1510165)
  • Fixed feedback balloon rendering in App Feedback. (#1582967)
  • ListDuplicate and ListFilter actions are now working properly at runtime with their outputs generated with the right name. (#1582968)
  • Fixed problem with local variables of Object type that could lead to memory leaks upon multiple navigations. (#1582971)
  • Fixed runtime errors accessing Multi-Tenant views after performing the first stage of deployment. (#1482334)
  • Fixed "Is not a constructor" error in the client-side runtime when using type conversions with referenced types in Assigns or List operations. (#1517360)
  • Fixed compilation error when consuming an Entity with attributes with default values. (#1616853)
  • Fixed a NullPointerException compilation error when the 'Compiler.CssCompilationStrategy' setting is enabled and using referenced Web Blocks with TableRecords inside the False branch of an If widget. (#1530748)
  • Fixed Service Center to correctly report incompatible dependencies when a producer fails to publish due to a locked file. (#1211480)
  • Fixed an error in Service Center while checking Mobile Apps Service with the Force HTTPS setting activated. (#1545874)
  • Fixed 'HTTPS connection required' error while staging applications in LifeTime when 'Force HTTPS for exposed integrations in Web Applications' is enabled. (#1536900)
  • Fixed LifeTime for not showing "The requested application doesn't exist." message when in an application detail. (#1435396)
  • Fixed the synchronization of user information between all environments in LifeTime. (#1510116)
  • Fixed error when upgrading LifeTime from version 7.0 with some type of staging information. (#1512097)
  • Fixed in LifeTime showing at the same time a feedback message and the authentication token windows, when a service account was created. (#1582972)
  • Fixed index functions introspection in Oracle. (#1542859)
  • Fixed Oracle sequences for entity identifiers of Long Integer data type that were limited to 999999999. (#1574717)
  • Fixed triggers being disabled in Oracle/MySQL when changes to entities failed in a Service Studio publish. (#1547186)
  • Fixed SQL syntax error with Oracle and MySQL when accessing the GetUserLoginAttempts page in Service Center to troubleshoot login attempts. (#1574719)
  • Fixed image flickering when an aggregate is refreshed. (#1582965)
  • Fixed an error when upgrading mobile applications from to a newer version. (#1633811)
  • Fixed the visibility to select an older tagged version, when tagging a web responsive application in LifeTime. (#1543766)
  • [.NET Only] Fixed upgrade to when using MS SQL 2008R2. (#1531016)
  • [.NET Only] It is now possible to access the Mobile Apps Service via an authenticated proxy. Define the proxy authentication in the Environment Configuration screen of Service Center. (#1506881)
  • [.NET Only] Fixed some 1-Click Publish errors related with file locks in .sql files. (#779059)
  • [.NET Only] Fixed variable values that were lost inside 'On Notify' destination actions if the Web Block or Web Screen was not rendered. (#1433626)
  • [.NET Only] Fixed OSP Tool crash when started without arguments. (#1582963)
  • [Java Only] Fixed source code download vulnerability when the using WildFly 8.2.0 WebServer. (#1520940)
  • [Java Only] Increased security against JavaScript injection in Web screens in some scenarios. (#1520939)
  • [Java Only] Improved the Configuration Tool feedback message when it fails to contact JBoss/Wildfly. (#663990)
  • [Java Only] Applied Oracle patch to ojdbc.jar to fix an error when fetching a blob with a length of 4193 characters. (#1531758)
  • [Java Only] Fixed Binary Data parameters in server actions that sometimes received empty data (0 bytes) when called from client actions using JPEG mime type content. (#1510111)
  • [Java Only] Fixed an erroneous behavior when WebLogic is installed in a path other than the default one or with a user other than the default one. (#1360428)
  • [Java Only] Fixed an 'No such file or directory' error when exporting data to Excel and the '/tmp/poifiles' directory has been deleted. (#1523762)
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