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Development Environment 10.0.907.0

Released on Oct 22, 2018.

New in Development Environment 10.0.907.0

  • Improved the label of the Advanced Query's output element to cope with the element's type. (ABE-1280)
  • Now labels in flow connectors are shown in the middle of the arrow. Inspired by João Pedro Bernardes' idea. (RIUT-465)
  • If the text value of a property has several lines, there's now a multiline indicator in form of a downwards arrow in the Properties Pane. Inspired by Kilian's idea. (RIUT-466)
  • Improved Split Assigns experience and label to be more intuitive, according to developers' feedback (RIUT-462)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed Service Studio crash after refreshing references that caused block's placeholders to be removed (RAFT-1609)
  • Fixed caret not showing properly on some scenarios (RAFT-1613)
  • On some situations related with Aggregate sources manipulation, a conflict would appear on merge in the Actions containing the Aggregate, but drilling down, nothing appeared to be changed. With this fix, merge will not consider these "false" conflicts. (RCOT-1941)
  • Fix crash while merging, when inspecting 'Database' element from Consume SOAP Services (RCOT-2001)
  • Fixed a bug that happened while comparing WebBlock instances (RCOT-1879)
  • Fixed crash in Find Usages in All modules when a consumer module is opened in more than one tab. (RIUT-482)
  • Fixed bug that removes new lines in comments after editing (RIUT-485)
  • Fixed Service Studio crash importing SOAP web services (RPD-3495)
  • Fixes Service Studio -cleanup option of command line. Additionally, fixes the report generated when removing unused elements. (RPD-3526)
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