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Development Environment 10.0.825.0

Released on Jun 18, 2018

New in Development Environment 10.0.825.0

  • Improved autocomplete behavior in the Expression editor. (RAFT-1353)
  • Added information on our privacy policy to the Submit Feedback window in Integration Studio and to the Consume SOAP Web Service error report window in Service Studio. (RINT-1864)
  • Dragging a non-Boolean Variable to a flow now automatically creates an Assign element with the selected Variable. (Inspired by Daniel Martins' idea) (RIUT-345)
  • Dragging a Record variable on an Assign element will expand it creating an assignment for each of its Attributes. (Inspired by Joost's idea) (RIUT-325)
  • It is now possible to navigate through search results in element selection windows (for example "Select Action") using Up and Down keys. (RIUT-305)
  • Searching inside an element selection window (for example "Select Action") will now automatically expand folders and filter their content. (RIUT-306)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed a bug in Service Studio that caused a crash when dragging an Entity to a Widget. (RAFT-1407)
  • Fixed the hover preview of 3 letter hexadecimal colors (for example #0f0) in Style Sheet Editor. (RPD-3279)
  • Fixed an issue with new classes created using "Save changes to reusable class" in Styles Editor. New classes that are created using already existing class names are not automatically renamed anymore. (RICT-786)
  • Fixed a problem that resulted in Service Studio crashing during merge. (RICT-787)
  • Fixed an issue that caused new elements in Module tree to lose focus after creation. (RIUT-304)
  • Fixed an issue that caused Service Studio to perform a DNS query for "host.servicestudio" when rendering Form or Editable Table widgets. (RPD-3177)
  • Fixed intermittent "Concurrent publication" error when following the "Build a Mobile/Web App in 5 min" tutorials. (RSCT-1357)
  • Fixed a focus issue that caused Service Studio to overlap other Windows applications when a slow operation on a modal window (like Compare and Merge or Manage Dependencies) finished. (Reported by Justin James) (RIUT-299)
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