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Development Environment 10.0.821.0

Released on May 23, 2018

New in Development Environment 10.0.821.0

  • It is now possible to create an Entity Diagram for selected Entities: select the desired entities, right-click one of them and click "Create Entity Diagram". (ABE-842)
  • Added information on our privacy policy to the Submit Feedback window in Service Studio. (RIUT-328)
  • Publish messages in Service Studio now have a timestamp stating when they occurred (inspired by André Ramos' idea). (RIUT-323)
  • Opening the "Manage Dependencies" window from a reference will set the focus on the search input so that users can search the available public elements on the reference (inspired by Peter's idea). (RIUT-307)
  • When expanding the widget toolbox, the search input is now focused so that users can start searching for widgets. (RIUT-303)

Bug Fixing

  • Solved an issue that prevented Service Studio from saving a Module due to concurrent file access. (RICT-761)
  • Attributes in Record types are no longer marked as mandatory. (RPD-3226)
  • Fixed an issue in Service Studio related to lost focus when publishing a module. (RIUT-329)
  • Added two new shortcuts to the list of available keyboard shortcuts in Service Studio: Ctrl+F12 (Find usages in all modules) and Ctrl+D (Delete Extended Property). (RIUT-326)
  • Fixed a 1-pixel misalignment in application layer tabs inside Service Studio. (RIUT-322)
  • Fixed an issue that caused Service Studio to perform a DNS query for "host.servicestudio" when rendering Form or Editable Table widgets. (RPD-3177)
  • Fixed an issue in the generation of response structures when importing REST API methods using a Swagger specification. (RPD-3208)
  • Fixed a Service Studio crash when using 'Merge and Publish'. (RPD-3254)
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