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Development Environment 10.0.815.0

Released on May 07, 2018

New in Development Environment 10.0.815.0

  • For Each flow elements use the Record List being iterated as their display name when the Label property is empty (inspired by Caio Santana's idea). (RIUT-309)
  • The applications list screen in Service Studio has been improved with application search and filter capabilities (inspired by Tiago Torre's idea) and also presents a list of recently opened modules. (RIUT-316)

Bug Fixing

  • Changing the description of REST API method parameters will now update the exposed REST API documentation. (RINT-1563)
  • Fixed a bug in Service Studio that caused a crash when dragging an attribute that should not be displayed (e.g. a Password or an Id) to a List widget. (RAFT-1341)
  • Fixed an issue with iOS 11.3 devices that could not be used for debugging mobile apps. (RPD-3186)
  • In Service Studio all applications being installed are now shown first in the applications list instead of alphabetically. (RIUT-314)
  • Fixed an issue that caused a crash when opening some application modules in Service Studio using drag and drop. (RIUT-315)
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