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Development Environment 10.0.801.0

Released on Feb 20, 2018

New in Development Environment 10.0.801.0

  • Improved the heuristics of the Extract to Action feature by reducing the number of input parameters for the record elements. (RIUT-212)
  • The shortcuts in Service Studio have been improved and some shortcuts were reassigned to different keys. Additionally, the Help menu now has entry Keyboard Shortcuts (Ctrl+Shift+K) that opens the documentation page. (RIUT-130)
  • Improved the heuristics of the Extract to Action feature by removing unnecessary input parameters for Session Variables and Site Properties. (RIUT-213)
  • Added an "Add null checks to imported items" option to the "Import Actions from .NET Assembly" wizard in Integration Studio. (RPD-2606)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed a bug that generated wrong parameter types in the local entities created from the server entities. The bug caused errors in the built-in entity actions. (RAFT-1171)
  • Fixed a bug causing Service Studio to crash while pasting Blocks/Screens from other modules. The cause of crash was the invalid dependency resolution for CSS or JS of the referring elements. (RAFT-1177)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Service Studio to crash when publishing some public blocks that have private entities. (RAFT-1182)
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash when using Extract to Action on a single Comment node. (RIUT-210)
  • Fixed a bug in the Extract to Action feature that caused invalid variable assignments during refactoring. (RIUT-214)
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