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Development Environment 10.0.721.0

Released on Jan 29, 2018

New in Development Environment 10.0.721.0

  • Improved the look of scrollbars in Service Studio. (RAFT-1055)
  • Service Studio can now open multiple files from the environment at the same time. (Inspired by Edgar Ramos' idea!) (RIUT-146)
  • The application icon is now used as logo and module icon. (RIUT-184)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed an issue when moving a screen to a different flow that was causing some values in type mappings to be lost. (RICT-588)
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the removal of a missing producer reference in Manage Dependencies window. (ABE-735)
  • Fixed a crash when using recursive web blocks. (RAFT-1164)
  • Fixed a crash while aligning widgets using Styles Editor. (RAFT-1170)
  • Fixed an issue when creating local entities from server entities that was causing the entity actions of the created entity to get the wrong parameter types. (RAFT-1171)
  • Fixed a crash while writing in CSS Editor. (RICT-590)
  • Styles Editor now properly displays the colors even when inherited. (RICT-564)
  • Fixed a crash in merge operation when inspecting an action flow containing a RecordListToExcel node. (RCOT-783)
  • Fixed an issue preventing Service Studio from searching BAPIs with special characters in the name, like "/" for example. (RPD-2935)
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