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Development Environment 10.0.713.0

Released on Nov 20, 2017

New in IDE 10.0.713.0

  • When working within the "View Data" of an Entity, errors and warnings no longer appear in the TrueChange tab. (RPDT-960)
  • Now you can automatically align Screens in Flow and Entities in Diagram by selecting the elements and right-clicking. (RIUT-59)
  • A warning message now appears if you try to publish application with unresolved performance warnings. (RAFT-999)
  • Double-clicking a warning about screen/block client action handlers now opens the action and focuses on the screen/block property. (RAFT-930)
  • Added fix suggestions for warnings about unused code elements. (RAFT-929)
  • TrueChange™ tab title now shows the total number of errors and warnings. (RAFT-928)
  • Added a warning in mobile app development if an image is bigger than 500 KB. (RAFT-869)
  • Added a new performance suggestion in mobile app development for JavaScript nodes that have a large amount of code. (RAFT-864)
  • The TrueChange™ tab now shows a new category of warnings, “Performance Suggestion”. (RAFT-860)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed misalignment when nodes have labels with two lines. (RIUT-58)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented dragging and aligning nodes across connectors. (RIUT-55)
  • The focus is no longer lost when the merge operation is performed without selecting all the elements, so the details of the selected element always show. (RCOT-493)
  • Fixed a bug in merge window that caused some elements to be marked as modified (for example, WebScreens, Actions, Processes), even when there were no changes to them. (RCOT-245)
  • Double-clicking Label now opens the Expression Editor to edit value. Also, double-clicking Form and EditableTable opens the Expression Editor to edit data property. (RAFT-1002)
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash when copying and pasting the Entity Diagrams between modules with public and non-public Entities. (ABE-632)
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