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Development Environment 10.0.707.0

Released on Oct 9, 2017

New in Development Environment 10.0.707.0

  • It is now possible to debug mobile apps directly in mobile devices by connecting the devices to Service Studio with a USB cable. (RAFT-852)
  • Added a new warning about potential infinite cycles of queries when the OnAfterFetch event causes the refresh of its own aggregate. (RAFT-848)
  • Revamped status icons in Debugger and Manage Dependencies window. (ABE-499)
  • Added spinner animation to infinite scroll action scaffolding to provide waiting feedback to end users. (RAFT-668)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed a bug that caused Service Studio to crash while editing a Static Entity record in Records tab and changing the Entity in the Data tab. (ABE-517)
  • Fixed a bug that caused module to be invalid because one of the referenced entities was already present but hidden. (RPD-2319)
  • Fixed a bug that made Service Studio classify a reference as modified even after refreshing it. (RPD-2317)
  • Fixed a bug which caused Java NullPointerException during compilation when the SOAP WSDL elements had the same name. (RPD-2731)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Java NullPointerException when publishing a module with a WSDL that has two complex nested types defined inside the lists with the same name. (RPD-2562)
  • Improved tooltips, warning messages, and documentation for the OnInitialize event in mobile apps. (RAFT-542)
  • Minor GUI fixes: when creating a new app the description now shows all text; the underscore in new module name input field is now visible. (RPDT-839)
  • When the personal environment you are connected to becomes inactive, you will now be prompted to visit the environment and activate it. (RPDT-813)
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