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Development Environment 10.0.704.0

Released on Sep 19, 2017

New in Development Environment 10.0.704.0

  • The debugging of client-side actions in a desktop browser is now available. It requires the Platform Server version 10.0.705.0 or higher. (RAFT-833)
  • Introduced canvas guidelines that help arrange and align flow elements. (RICT-325)
  • Added spinner animation to infinite scroll action scaffolding to provide waiting feedback to end users. (RAFT-668)
  • Introduced the ability to refresh the data preview in Aggregates through the right-click pop-up menu. (RPD-2591)
  • Increased the number of Service Studio search results from 5 to 10 per category and fixed the scroll of results. (RICT-161)
  • Improved text diff&merge implementation to merge non-conflicting text while merging different versions of a module. (RCOT-406)
  • Service Studio now allows importing resources by dragging and dropping multiple files with any kind of extension (.js, .txt, .json, .swf, ...) to the Resources folder. (RAFT-771)
  • Toolbox elements of the client actions were reorganized to promote implementation of best practices. (RAFT-658)
  • Introduced bulk copy and paste of input and output parameters between JavaScript elements. (RAFT-872)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed a problem that resulted in Service Studio crashing in some circumstances while loading an eSpace. (RPD-2548)
  • Fixed an issue where SQL autocomplete changed the focus from the SQL line to the element in the treeview. (RPD-2100)
  • Static entity records added in producer modules are now properly detected as outdated references in consumer module Manage Dependencies dialogue. (RPD-1547)
  • Fixed an issue regarding eSpace permissions validation that caused the error “System.Exception: Please fix isEqual” during publishing. (RCOT-457)
  • Fixed Web Block widgets not being focused when debugging an Ajax Refresh. (RAFT-836)
  • Improved tooltips, warning messages, and documentation for the OnInitialize event in mobile apps. (RAFT-542)
  • Fixed Entity Editor crash when changing a Static Entity from elsewhere with the editor opened in the Records tab. (ABE-517)
  • Updated no lock-in tutorial resource dependencies. (RPDT-775)
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