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Development Environment 10.0.502.0

Released on May 24, 2017

New in Development Environment 10.0.502.0

  • Added support for Unicode characters in application names. (RPD-1600)
  • Revamped the icons for Find Usages, Cut, Copy, Paste and Delete. (RPDT-390)
  • Revamped the icons for the Debugger. (RPDT-333)
  • Added the ability to copy client actions to server actions and vice-versa. (RPD-883)
  • Added the ability to refresh preview data in aggregates by pressing "Shift+F5" on an Aggregate View. (RPD-1494)
  • Added usability improvements and small tweaks to the tutorials. (RPDT-446)
  • Improved the label alignment in the screen and flow toolbox. (RPDT-316)
  • "Convert to Autocomplete" now correctly generates a save Action when using Long Integer identifiers. (RSWT-45)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed memory consumption while upgrading eSpaces with extremely large flows within ForEach nodes. (RPD-1898)
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Assign mappings to be lost when changing another mapping that was being made on a structure that had attributes of type "Record”. (RPD-1843)
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Service Studio to crash when saving the eSpace. (RPD-1810)
  • Fixed the Reset search button of the screen and flow toolbox that appeared incorrectly with the toolbox collapsed. (RPDT-317)
  • Improved the performance of deleting multiple selected elements in an Action flow. (RPD-1800)
  • Entity View Data now displays all hidden column markers. (RPD-1755)
  • Improved Entity View Data to show all attributes of the entity by default and to remember previously hidden attributes. (RPD-1740)
  • Consuming REST APIs with array of arrays is now allowed. (RPD-1736)
  • Fixed occasional tutorial crashes when creating a new application. (RPD-1730)
  • Fixed losing code when merging conflicting actions that use type conversions over generic record lists. (RPD-1704)
  • Improved the performance of the Remove Unused Elements command (in Module menu). (RPD-1698)
  • Fixed the copy of the "Build a Web App in 5 min" tutorial if the user didn't replace the default screen with the Contacts screen. (RPD-1643)
  • Fixed an issue in "Remove Unused References" that resulted in errors in the module. (RPD-1626)
  • Property "Extensibility Configurations" of mobile modules is now correctly displayed in the Compare and Merge window. (RPD-1609)
  • Fixed an issue occurring for hidden MaxRecords property of the Refresh Data flow element that was causing the Service Studio to crash. (RPD-1596)
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Service Studio to crash when using the Next Result command (F3 and Shift+F3) in the results of a search. (RPD-1531)
  • Fixed compilation error caused by using Remove Unused References. (RPD-1471)
  • Fixed an issue in Integration Studio that was allowing extensions to be published without binaries, causing compilation errors when referencing the extension in Service Studio. (RPD-1339)
  • Fixed an issue in object’s properties panel that was allowing the edition of read-only properties. (RPD-1214)
  • Fixed an issue occurring during a Compare and Merge operation involving Entity Diagrams. (RCOT-272)
  • Fixed an issue in Merge operation that was causing translation behaviors not being deleted from the local eSpace when they did not exist in the selected eSpace. (RCOT-17)
  • Fixed an issue in Compare and Merge window that was causing some translations with conflicts not being shown. (RCOT-16)
  • Fixed an issue in Compare and Merge window that was causing the flags indicating the differences between eSpaces not showing up in zones not visible when the screen loaded. (RCOT-12)
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