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Development Environment 10.0.407.0

Released on Apr 03, 2017

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed a Service Studio crash when Suspending Current Requests while debugging an application.
  • Fixed a Service Studio crash while doing the 'Build a Mobile App in 5 min' tutorial.
  • Fixed the Select Variable window that was not showing which variables were already assigned.
  • Fixed the CSS Editor of mobile apps that did not show tabs for the stylesheets of base themes when editing the stylesheet of a theme.
  • Fixed the Assign tool when using CTRL+D command to delete an assignment, the next assignment could not be deleted using CTRL+D again.
  • Fixed the Layout property of a Theme in mobile apps that showed an empty value in the list and now shows ‘(None)’.
  • Fixed the Refresh All button that was not disabled after all dependencies were manually refreshed.
  • Changed how Integration Studio launches Eclipse to edit Java source code by adding support to newer versions and cases where it is installed under C:\Program Files.
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