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Development Environment

Released on Nov 11, 2016

New in Development Environment

  • Automatically generate actions to do offline data synchronization between Database and Local Storage Entities. To generate a synchronization action, right-click the Entity in Local Storage and select the pattern that suits your application use case:
  • Service Studio and Integration studio have new icons
  • Allow copying the results of the find usages window using keyboard shortcuts (CTRL-A, CTRL-C).
  • Added security warning validations (e.g.: open redirect) for mobile runtime applications.
  • Mobile application version upgrade messages can now be customized at design-time.
  • Dragging a data action with a single output to the screen will now scaffold UI based on the output type.

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed Native tab in Service Studio not fitting in smaller resolutions. (#1435452)
  • Fixed error related to messaging encoding when Service Studio requested a Native Build. (#1435456)
  • Fixed Stylesheets not getting properly updated when the extension of a referenced Image changed. (#1381317)
  • Improved Service Studio’s performance when editing screens with a large number of widgets (6000+). (#1370378)
  • Fixed Actions not being marked as Async when using $resolve and $reject as callbacks. (#1435458)
  • Fixed wrong suggestions being displayed in the "Add source" operation of aggregates. (#1320430)
  • Improved performance when handling actions with custom icons (e.g: drag and drop). (#1435450)
  • Fixed usability issues using Aggregate "Test Values" with text parameters. (#1319491)
  • You can now see the attribute details for variables of complex types in the properties pane. (#1435453)
  • Dragging a local storage entity which has an attribute with type of entity identifier from a server entity was wrongly creating an aggregate with a join between the two entities. (#1351309)
  • Fixed local storage images not being rendered when using hide/show patterns. (#1435449)
  • Fixed OnScrollEnding event being triggered on scroll up event. (#1435451)
  • We now prevent two consecutive events being triggered on a List Item widget. (#1435448)
  • Fixed not be able to refresh a script dependency. (#1327889)
  • Fixed rare Service Studio crash after cloning a module. (#1315974)
  • Fixed type conversions not being refreshed after changing inner structures. (#1435459)
  • Fixed Service Studio crash when drag-and-dropping an entity to a screen with errors. (#1364052)
  • Fixed using CurrDate()/CurrTime()/CurrDateTime() as default value that were being evaluated when the application was loaded, returning always the same default value. (#1435460)
  • Fixed Service Studio inability to reference OutSystems Now. (#1416349)
  • Fixed issue when upgrading translations from 9.1 to 10. (#1407315)
  • Added null values to Static Entity test value drop down menu. (#1375889)
  • Allow NullIdentifier() and CurrDate() in Aggregate test values. (#1375892)


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