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What's an OutSystems personal environment?



What's an OutSystems personal environment?

The Personal Environment (PE) is the free, cloud-based version of OutSystems. It allows you to create, deploy, and run your personal applications.

Is it really free? Until when?

Yes, completely free.

Your Personal Environment will be available:

  • As long as you continue developing your apps.

  • Your apps are consistently accessed by end-users.

If you stop developing in your Personal Environment for an extended period of time, your Personal Environment will be recycled. This allows saving resources for other developers. But don't worry! Long before that happens, we'll let you know. We'll send you emails remembering to continue developing in your Personal Environment.

If your environment ends up being recycled, we'll create a snapshot of the applications you had. We'll send you an email with instructions on how you can restore your apps in a new environment. Keep in mind that we only take a snapshot of the applications, not the data, and also, the snapshot will be available for the next 6 months.

What kind of applications can I run in a Personal Environment?

You can develop any mobile or web application that you can build with OutSystems. Just keep in mind that the Personal Environment is suited for small deployments like personal apps with dozens of users. It is not suited for mission-critical or heavy usage apps. You should consider an enterprise subscription if you are looking for higher scalability and support.

Is there any limit on the complexity of the apps I can build?

There are no limits on the type, size or complexity of applications you can build outside of those imposed by a shared environment. Personal environments are a way for you to learn, experiment, or prototype apps at your own pace.

Is there any limit on the number of users that can access my apps?

There are no user limits outside of those imposed by a shared environment. In practice this means that apps generally perform well as long as the number of concurrent users is below 100.

What is the Service Level Agreement (SLA) for a personal environment?

There are no SLAs for Personal Environments.

Apart from scheduled maintenance updates, you should expect that your Personal Environment will be up and running 24x7 without interruptions. But as a free offering, there are no SLAs for availability or performance.

What kind of support is available?

Support for Personal Environments is delivered on a best-effort basis only, without any response time commitment. Developers using a Personal Environment are encouraged to rely on the community forums for development support. OutSystems constantly monitors all Personal Environments for infrastructure problems, so those should be fixed automatically.

We ask that you contact OutSystems Support only if the issue you are experiencing is infrastructure related and is still happening after a couple of hours since you first spotted it.

If you have an ongoing commercial evaluation (i.e. you're using a Personal Environment to explore the platform features) and you hit a road block, we also ask you to contact OutSystems Support and let us know you're evaluating, so we are able to provide you with the full Enterprise-grade experience.

Can I use a personal environment to integrate with external databases or services?

Yes, you can integrate your personal environment with publicly available web services and databases, including SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 or MySQL. VPN access is supported for enterprise customers.

Can I get the source code of my applications?

Detaching the source code of your applications is only available for enterprise subscriptions.

What Are the Limitations of Personal Environments?

  • 2GB database storage. Your PE is capable of storing up to 2GB of system and application data. Besides this OutSystems database, you can also connect your applications to other databases.

  • One developer per PE. Your PE doesn't allow collaboration between several developers. You must use your OutSystems user to develop your applications.

  • One development environment. Your PE includes one environment and it is not possible to deploy your applications to other environments.

  • PE auto-suspension. If you stop developing or if your applications are not being used, your PE will go to sleep. If you don't wake up your environment after an extended period of time your applications will be saved and your PE will be recycled. Long before that happens, we'll let you know. More information here.

  • Multi-tenant Infrastructure. Your PE lives in a shared cloud infrastructure where resources are shared among several environments. This means that the performance of your applications will suffer if you exceed 100 concurrent end-users.

  • Limited version history By default, a new version of your application module is saved every time you publish. Module versions that are older than one week are automatically deleted.

  • No custom domain. Your applications live in the domain.

  • No direct database access. Check alternate ways on how to extract data from your application. You cannot use stored procedures.

  • No VPN. You cannot request the creation of a VPN connection in your PE.

  • No detach. You cannot detach your applications and export their source code.

Additional information

For more information check the Free License terms of use.

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