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Upgrade a personal environment to the latest version

Personal environments are automatically upgraded to the latest version.  Before any upgrade takes place, we'll let you know about the upgrade schedule so that you don't get any surprises. 

If you are working in an enterprise environment, please contact your system administrator to Upgrade the OutSystems platform server.

Manually check for upgrades

If you want to be using the latest available version, you can always check if there's an upgrade available. Navigate to your OutSystems Platform (https://<yourpersonal>, and click the Environment tab.


Click the 'Check for new platform release' link to check if there's a new OutSystems Platform version available.


If a new version is available, you can schedule for an upgrade. Click the 'Schedule' button.


Cancel an upgrade

The time of the upgrade is displayed. During an upgrade your applications are not accessible, so if the upgrade time is not convenient, you can just cancel it. Click the 'Upgrade scheduled for' link, and then click the 'Cancel upgrade' button.