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What can I expect to find in the Forge?

The Forge is an OutSystems repository that enables community users to share and reuse open-source software projects like:

  •  Applications and components
  • Connectors, widgets and themes
  • Sample code

OutSystems also uses the Forge to distribute components that extend the platform’s capabilities. This enables faster and agile releases to the community, as these components are separate from the platform release cycle. 

What do you mean when you say “open-source projects"?

Individual contributors who share projects in the Forge follow a BSD licensing model, imposing minimal restrictions on the use and distribution of covered software. A project’s code is provided as-is and can be reused and changed at will. We believe this model promotes OutSystems Community collaboration. However, the open nature of the OutSystems Forge does not prevent individual contributors from sharing projects with other types of licenses, such as GPL. OutSystems does not monitor the licensing terms for any projects shared in the Forge by community members. It is the sole responsibility of the user of projects in the Forge to verify the licensing model being used and to comply with the respective terms.

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Can I share my work in the Forge?

Yes. All members of the OutSystems Community can share their work. You can either start your own project from scratch or join a team that is already working on an existing one and contribute your expertise.

Before sharing your project take into consideration that Forge is the place where the Community goes to accelerate development work or get a better grasp of how to implement a specific use case. Because of that make sure that your project brings something new and clearly describes its features.


What kind of projects can I share or use?

You can share connectors, widgets, libraries, themes and templates, mobile plugins, applications, reporting, developer tools, and how-tos. Check out these descriptions of each with examples:


Connectors integrate with external systems. They allow information to be fetched from or stored in external systems and can provide additional functionality like caching. Examples of connectors are the Salesforce Connector and the Jira Connector.


Widgets are UI components used on web and mobile screens to build great user interfaces. Examples of widgets include Google Maps and Signature Pad.


Libraries extend the actions and built-in functions of the OutSystems platform. Examples of libraries include JavaScript Utils and CryptoAPI.

Themes and Templates

Themes allow you to build great looking applications in no time. They include page layouts and all the visual assets necessary for your application. Examples of themes include the OutSystems UI Web and the Lisbon Template.

Mobile Plugins

Mobile plugins extend the capabilities of mobile applications by giving access to the device’s sensors and capabilities. Examples of include the Camera Plugin and the Key Store Plugin.


Applications include a fully working application that you can install and start using immediately. Examples of applications include Field Services Mobile and Floor Plan.


Reporting includes components that help you build reports for your end users. Examples of reporting include Pivot Table and HTML2PdfConverter.

Developer Tools

Developer Tools make your life easier while developing with OutSystems and ensure that you’re following best practices. Developer tools include Discovery and DBCleaner.


How-tos are designed to show you how to do a specific task in OutSystems by giving you a detailed example of how a particular capability or component works. How-tos include the How To - Build an App with Multilingual Support and How to User Sign Up.

What is a supported project?

A supported project is a component or application that is developed, maintained, and supported by OutSystems under the terms of a customer's subscription. Supported components are distributed in two different ways:

  • As open source, allowing customers to change them for their own needs. However, once a customer has changed them, such components will no longer be supported by OutSystems
  • As a closed component that doesn’t allow customization. As part of the product, these components are under intellectual property protection.


What is a featured project?

A featured project is a component or application, not necessarily developed by OutSystems, that we believe is valuable to customers, either because of its functionality or its content. 


What is a deprecated project?

A deprecated project is a component or application that is no longer suitable or recommended for download. Most likely this is because another project with equivalent functionality has replaced it.


How do I get support for a specific project?

Customers with an active subscription to OutSystems can simply submit a request via the OutSystems Support Portal for supported projects. 

Community support is available for other projects. Browse to the discussions tab on the project's page and review existing answers. If you don't find what you're looking for, start a new thread.

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