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  • What can I expect to find in the Forge?

    The Forge is an OutSystems repository that enables community users to share and collaborate in software projects. Those software projects can be:

    • Applications
    • Integrations
    • Device capabilities
    • User Interface
    • Functional libraries & utilities
    • Development tools
    • Demos & samples

    The Forge is also the place where OutSystems Partners distribute their Business Solutions, which are pre-built solutions created by market specialists with industry expertise.

    OutSystems also uses the Forge to distribute components that extend the platform’s capabilities. This enables faster and agile releases to the community, as these components are separate from the platform release cycle.

    What do you mean when you say "open-source projects"?

    Individual contributors who share projects (that aren't Business Solutions) in the Forge follow a BSD licensing model, imposing minimal restrictions on the use and distribution of covered software. A project’s code is provided as-is and can be reused and changed at will. We believe this model promotes OutSystems Community collaboration. However, the open nature of the OutSystems Forge does not prevent individual contributors from sharing projects with other types of licenses, such as GPL. OutSystems doesn't monitor the licensing terms for any projects shared in the Forge by community members. It's the sole responsibility of the user of projects in the Forge to verify the licensing model being used and to comply with the respective terms.

    More info:

    Can I share my work in the Forge?

    Yes. All members of the OutSystems Community can share their work. You can either start your own project from scratch or join a team that's already working on an existing one and contribute your expertise.

    Before sharing your project take into consideration that Forge is the place where the Community goes to accelerate development work or get a better grasp of how to implement a specific use case. Publishing test applications or code that is only to be shared with a specific small group of people do not fit this goal and because of that will be removed or rejected.

    What kind of projects can I share or use?

    Software projects in Forge belong to one of the following categories:


    Fully working apps for different use cases that you can start using immediately or customize to fit your needs.

    Directory Mobile and Order Management are examples of Applications.


    Connections with systems external to OutSystems that enable additional functionalities on your apps.

    Device capabilities

    Plugins that extend the features of your apps by allowing access to the capabilities of mobile devices.

    Camera Plugin and Key Store Plugin are examples of Device capabilities projects.

    User interface

    Themes, layouts, patterns, and widgets that allow you to build great-looking apps in no time.

    OutSystems UI and Google Maps are examples of User interface projects.

    Functional libraries & utilities

    Programming functions and utilities to develop and extend the end-user functionalities in your apps.

    JavaScript Utils is an example of a Functional libraries & utilities project.

    Development tools

    Components, frameworks, and libraries that support the developer in the app lifecycle management and CI/CD processes.

    The Case Management framework is an example of a Development tools project.

    Demos & samples

    Guides and examples that demonstrate how specific tasks, capabilities, or how components work.

    OutSystems Maps Sample and Data Grid Sample Reactive are examples of Demos & samples projects.

    What level of curation and support can I expect from Forge projects?

    See Curating Projects for detailed information about the level of curation of the projects shared in the Forge and the support you can get for those projects.

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