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How to remove a component from the Forge

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  • For reasons related to security and intellectual property protection (IPP), users cannot remove their components from the Forge on their own. However, the owner of a component in Forge can request its removal. The Community team will evaluate each request and determine whether to remove the component on a case-by-case basis.

    To request the removal of a component that you own, do the following:

    1. Login to the Forge as the owner of the component.

    2. Access the component that you want to remove.

    3. Select Edit project details.

      edit forge project

    4. At the bottom, request the removal by clicking Deactivate Component.

      deactivate component

    5. Click Yes, I’m Sure to confirm the request.

      confirm component deactivation

    If a removal needs to be done urgently, contact us by email:

    You will still be able to access all your deactivated/deleted components in your components list.

    confirm component deactivation

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