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Curating Projects

What is a Supported project?

A supported project is a component or application that is developed, maintained, and supported by OutSystems under the terms of a customer's subscription. Supported components are distributed as open source, allowing customers to change them for their own needs. Once changed, such components will no longer be supported by OutSystems.

What is a Trusted project?

A trusted project is a component that has been validated by OutSystems Community experts. This ensures the component delivers the promised functionality and that it was built based on best practices for security, documentation and code quality. Trusted components are supported by the Community.

What is a Featured project?

A featured project is a component or application, not necessarily developed by OutSystems, that we believe offers customers valuable functionality or content.

What is a Deprecated project?

A deprecated project is a component or application that is no longer suitable or recommended for download, usually because it was replaced by another project with equivalent functionality.

How do I get support for a specific project?

Customers with an active OutSystems subscription can simply submit a request via the OutSystems Support Portal for supported projects. 

Community support is available for other projects. Browse to the Discussions tab on the project's page and review the existing answers. If you don't find what you're looking for, start a new thread.

What is the completeness score?

It relates to how much of the minimum amount of required information you have provided for your component or project to be available on Forge. 

What will happen if I don’t get 100% for completeness score?

Your project won’t appear in search results and will only be available by direct link.

How to remove a component from the forge?

For reasons related to security and intellectual property protection (IPP), users cannot remove their components from the Forge on their own. However, the owner of a component in Forge can request its removal. The Community team will evaluate each request and determine whether the removal case-by-case measure.


To request removal, simply access the component logged in as the owner, and select Edit project details:


And, at the bottom, request the removal by clicking Deactivate Component:

Then, click Yes, I’m Sure.


If a removal needs to be done urgently, contact us by email:

You will still be able to access all your deactivated/deleted components in your components list.


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