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OutSystems Cloud Demo Upgrades

This article gives an overview of the upgrade policy and process for your Cloud Demo infrastructure. You'll be able to assess the upgrade, understand its impacts, and plan it accordingly. 

Before you start

Make sure you checked the general guidelines in the Upgrade OutSystems Platform before proceeding. Then read this article to understand what is involved and what you should plan in advance.

Upgrading an OutSystems Platform environment will incur in downtime for that environment, and the applications hosted in it.


In the OutSystems Cloud, there are two ways to choose to upgrade your OutSystems Cloud Demo (available from version 10.0.405.0).

Option A

  • You can request the upgrade of your OutSystems Cloud Demo infrastructure to the latest available version if it is available, by following these steps:

    1. Access your infrastructure's Lifetime console, and navigate to the Environments tab
    2. You’ll find a new link to Check for a new platform release, which will check for a new release. If it is available, you’ll have the chance to schedule the upgrade operation.


Option B

  • If you decide not to perform the upgrade during the opt-in upgrade period, you will remain in the same version until the end of the opt-in period (approximately 2 weeks). At that point, OutSystems will schedule a time-window for the upgrade and will contact you to inform of your scheduled Platform upgrade on each of the OutSystems Cloud environments.

Frequently Asked Questions

For how long can I remain in my current version?

After the upgrade and until a new version is released your environments will remain in that version. During the opt-in upgrade period, if you decide not to upgrade your platform version, your environment will remain in the same version. After the opt-in period, you'll receive a notification from OutSystems. You can choose to postpone the scheduled upgrade for no longer than 1 (one) week.

Will the upgrade cause downtime on my environments?

During its upgrade, your environment will not be accessible. The upgrade process usually takes between 1 to 4 hours, depending on several factors, such as the number of applications and used storage.

Can I request the upgrade before the opt-in period?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to request an upgrade outside the opt-in period.

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