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Move apps from a trial to an enterprise subscription

If you decide to stick around, we'll help you transfer your apps and data to your enterprise infrastructure. Contact your account manager to get this process started.

How to transfer your apps

Migrating data from one infrastructure to another requires a manual intervention by our operations team. But if you only want to migrate the apps, and don't care about the data, you can migrate them yourself. Just create a package with all the applications, and deploy it to your enterprise infrastructure.

In the environment you want to backup your apps:

  1. Navigate to the environment management console;
  2. Click the Factory tab, and navigate to the Solutions menu;
  3. Click the 'New Solution' link;
  4. Give a name and description to that solution package, and click the 'Save' button;
  5. Now that you've created an application solution pack, choose which apps to include in the package. Click the 'Components' tab, and add all apps to the package by specifying "*" and click the 'Associate' button.


In the 'Versions' tab, you can now download the package. Note that this package only contains the apps, not the data. Now you just need to deploy that application package on one of the environments of your enterprise infrastructure:

  1. Navigate to the environment management console, of that environment;
  2. Click the Factory tab, and navigate to the Solutions menu;
  3. Click the 'Upload and Publish' link;
  4. Upload the application package you've created, and click the '1-Click Publish' button to deploy your apps.


Need help?

We can assist you in the migration of your applications and data. Contact your account manager for more details.