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Personal environment vs enterprise trial. What's the difference

OutSystems personal environment is the freecloud-based version of OutSystems Platform. It allows you to create, deploy, and run your personal applications. It also has a few limitations like limited database size, no team collaboration, and a single environment to develop and deploy your apps. To learn more about the personal environment check What is a personal environment?

When evaluating OutSystems Platform for your enterprise, you might want to test-drive it without any limitations. And that's why we have the enterprise trial.
We provide you for 30 days a cloud-based version of OutSystems Platform with:
  • Two environments, so that you can test the full development-production cycle;
  • Administrator privileges, so that you can create multiple IT users and configure their permissions;
  • And more.

Interested in getting an enterprise trial? Check How can I request a cloud trial?