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Upgrade OutSystems Platform in your datacenter

This article explains how you can upgrade your on-premise OutSystems Platform hosted in your datacenter or in a third-party private cloud service. You'll be able to assess the upgrade, understand its impacts, and plan it accordingly.

Before you start

Make sure you checked the general guidelines in the Upgrade OutSystems Platform before proceeding. Then read this article to understand what is involved and what you should plan in advance.

Upgrading an OutSystems Platform environment may incur in downtime for that environment, or the applications hosted in it, depending on the impact of the breaking changes resulting of the upgrade. You can ask OutSystems Support for more details.


In your datacenter or your third-party private cloud provider, the upgrade process is fully managed by you without the direct involvement of OutSystems, however, at any time you can ask OutSystems Support for assistance if you have any questions or get any errors in the process.​

Upgrade an on-premise environment

To upgrade your private cloud or datacenter on-premise environments, do the following:

  1. Download the Platform Server installer;
  2. Download and follow the Installation Checklist for the correspondent version;
  3. Download and install the correspondent development tools in both the environment and the developer's workstations;
  4. Upgrade your applications to the new version. See Upgrading Applications in the Development Environment for more details.

At any time, you can ask OutSystems Support for assistance.