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Technical Preview - Server-to-client data transfer optimization

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  • Server-to-client data transfer optimization uses a sophisticated data flow algorithm that analyses how the data flows and then optimizes the transfer from the server to the client.


    To have your apps use server-to-client data transfer optimization, as part of a technical preview, you need to meet the following requirements:

    • Platform Server 11.10.0 or later.
    • LifeTime 11.6.0 or later.
    • You activated the technical preview Client-side optimizations for Reactive Web Apps or Client-side optimizations for Mobile Apps in LifeTime. After you activate or deactivate the feature, publish your app to apply the optimization changes.

    With the optimization the apps receive only the information that users of the app really need. You can activate this optimization as a technical preview, to try out the following benefits:

    • Performance improvements, due to the reduced amount of data transfer. The improvement is noticeable in data-demanding apps that use complex database joins.
    • Improved security, as less data coming to the client reduces the possibility of an accidental data leak.

    The optimization works for Screen Aggregates, Data Actions, and for the Server Actions in the logic flows of the Screen Client Actions. You can turn on the optimization for Mobile Apps or Reactive Web Apps, or for both.

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