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OutSystems Product Releases



OutSystems Product Releases

Release Terminology

Major Release

As the name suggests, this type of release introduces significant and important features, along with bug fixes of all severity levels. This kind of release can have breaking changes.


A version associated with a Major Release that can include new features or significant improvements to current functionalities, along with bug fixes of all severity levels. This kind of release can also have breaking changes but in a less number compared with Major Releases.

Cumulative Patch

Meant to be a patch to an existing release with less impact and risk-free, Cumulative Patches (CP) introduce minor improvements of current functionalities or bug fixes of all severity levels. A new cumulative patch does not introduce breaking changes to the associated release. 


Custom product component version built on demand for a specific customer(s) to unblock a critical issue without an acceptable workaround. Hotfixes are private (not publicly available) and delivered to customers via the Product Support team.

Early Access Program (EAP)

These are programs managed by OutSystems, providing early access to OutSystems new capabilities as they roll out. You can check the list of currently open Early Access Programs (EAP) and apply to them. Only a set of selected customers are on-boarded on these programs.


Currently, Beta releases apply only to Service Studio and MABS. Beta releases include a set of capabilities that will soon be released in General Availability. It can be seen as similar to Early Access, but it's related to a specific version of the product as a whole, instead of just a specific feature.

Technical Preview

Technical Previews offered by OutSystems are meant to prove a given technology or approach from all perspectives including robustness and fit to customers’ use cases. Because these are just a preview of the feature, some quirks may happen from time to time. The current functionalities in Technical Preview are Container Deployment and OutSystems Service Studio for Mac.


Release Cycles

OutSystems ecosystem is divided into components with different release cycles.Screenshot 2020-05-07 at 16.58.23.png

  • Platform Server - The core server part of OutSystems product; A new version of Platform Server is released every month and you can check the latest releases here.

  • Lifetime Management Console - The web console for DevOps processes; LifeTime is released monthly and you can check the latest releases here.

  • Development Environment - The IDE part of OutSystems product that contains Service Studio and Integration Studio; OutSystems IDE have weekly releases. Check the latest ones here.

  • Forge components - Extended product components that increase the existing built-in capabilities and can be reused across applications. Each component has its own release cycle. OutSystems components can be found here.

The following products are delivered over the web and continuously being updated and improved:

  • Mobile Apps Build Service - A Cloud service developed by OutSystems that allows the generation of mobile app packages. Check out MABS Release history here.

  • Architecture Dashboard - A Cloud service that is the OutSystems technical debt monitoring tool. Check out Architecture Dashboard Release history here.

  • Builders - Cloud services to build native experiences, design workflows, and automate processes.

For more information check OutSystems Platform tools and components


Planned dates for OutSystems 11

Platform Server

Note: Since Platform Server's version 11.8.0, Platform Server is released first for cloud, and 2 to 3 weeks later, it is available to download for on-premises configurations.

LifeTime Management Console

Development Environment