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OutSystems Product Releases


OutSystems Product Releases

Release Terminology

Major Release

As the name suggests, this type of release introduces important features, bug fixes of all severity levels and can have breaking changes.


Product component version released with significant improvements to current functionalities and bug fixes of all severity levels, with no breaking changes of the existent features.

Cumulative Patch

Product component update that introduces bug fixes or minor improvement of features. A new cumulative patch does not introduce breaking changes to previous releases (only applies to Platform Server).


Custom product component version built on demand for a specific customer(s) to unblock a critical issue. Hotfixes are private (not publicly available) and delivered to customers via the Product Support team.


Release Cycles

OutSystems ecosystem is divided into components with different release cycles:

Platform Server - The core server part of OutSystems product; Released monthly

Development Environment - The IDE part of OutSystems product that contains Service Studio and Integration Studio; Released weekly

Lifetime Management Console - The web console for DevOps processes; Released monthly

For more information check OutSystems Platform tools and components



Planned dates for OutSystems 11

Platform Server

LifeTime Management Console

Development Environment