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OutSystems Release Cycle


OutSystems Release Cycle

How do we maintain a major product version

During the mainstream support period of major OutSystems versions, we continuously improve our product and release new updates. These releases may contain new features, existing feature and security enhancements and bug fixes.There are three types of releases:

  1. OutSystems Development Environment release: Every 3 weeks, we release enhancements to the development environment as part of our commitment to continuous improvement. Before every release, OutSystems ensures that there are no breaking changes and that each release retains backward compatibility will all OutSystems Platform Server versions belonging to the same major version.

  2. OutSystems Platform Server feature release:  For customers looking for the latest and greatest features, we periodically update OutSystems Platform Server with feature releases. Feature releases typically occur every 4-6 months and will never include breaking changes.

  3. OutSystems Platform Server patch release: Security enhancements and bug fixes are a concern for all our customers. Therefore, we continuously update OutSystems  Platform Server with the latest security features and bug fixes, but never breaking changes. These updates roll out every 6 weeks, for our two latest feature releases, ensuring that our customers are patched at all times with minimal effort.

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