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How are OutSystems Platform versions numbered?

OutSystems provides two types of updates:

Major versions - evolutionary updates, which introduce significant improvements and breaking changes from the previous major version. A major version is numbered by increasing either the first or the second part of the version number, e.g. 9.0 to 9.1.

Maintenance updates - always include defect fixes and may include new minor features; minor features may impact the developer experience. From the full version number, you can understand if the maintenance update includes minor features or not.

Version number format

OutSystems Platform version numbers are a sequence of four numbers, separated by a period, and assigned in ascending order.

The version numbering schema is as follows:

Major first digit.Major second digit. [Feature set][Patch set].[Hotfix or Alpha/Beta]


[Major first digit].[Major second digit]


These two digits identify the Major version. A new Major version is defined in your Subscription Agreement as an Upgrade” or  a “New Software Version”.


[Feature set][Patch set]


ff [01-99]  - it signals that a new feature set has been delivered. It is incremented when a new feature set is delivered along with defect fixes.

pp [00-99]  - it is reserved for patch sets. It is incremented when a new patch set includes only defect fixes, and no changes to the feature set.


[Hotfix or Alpha/Beta]


xxyy = 0000 - Generally Available version

xxyy [0001-0099] - Hot fix over a Generally Available version

xxyy [0100-9999] - Alpha or Beta release


Examples         reads as     Major version 9.1, feature set 1, patch set 0         reads as     Major version 9.1, feature set 1, patch set 1, hotfix 4         reads as     Major version 9.1, feature set 1, patch set 1, beta 302


The following table illustrates the usage of version numbers during the life cycle of a Major version:


Version number

Version type

Beta 1

Development version

     Defect fixes

Development version

Beta 2

Development version

General Availability of Major version

Generally Available version


Hotfix delivered to selected customers

Maintenance update, including only defect fixes

Generally Available version

Maintenance update, including only defect fixes

Generally Available version

Alpha/Beta for a new feature

Development version

Maintenance update, including both the new feature and defect fixes

Generally Available version


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