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Early access to OutSystems features


Early access to OutSystems features

OutSystems now gives you early access to specific features so you can enjoy new development possibilities and plan your future development sooner, without having to upgrade to a major version. 

We encourage you to try them out and send us your feedback. These new features will be released much more frequently, in smaller chunks, and before they’re generally available. Given their nature, be aware of the following:

  • These features are not production-ready and may have limited functionality.
  • They are disabled by default and you need to explicitly opt-in and activate them manually.
  • OutSystems does not provide support for these features.
  • Early access features may change significantly or even be removed from the platform.

Starting from LifeTime Release May.2019, you can enjoy these early access features before they are generally available. They are displayed in LifeTime, under Infrastructure > Early Access Features. Toggle the switch to ON to activate the feature you want to use.


Note: You must have the "Manage Infrastructure and Users" infrastructure permission to be able to enable or disable Early Access features.

Early access features

Configure application settings during deployment

Configure application settings in the target environment when defining your deployment plan in LifeTime. With all the application settings configured, you'll avoid any misbehavior during runtime. Learn more about this feature.

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