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Troubleshooting the OutSystems AppShield mobile plugin

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  • The issues related to the AppShield plugin, and how to resolve them.

    Using AppShield with Google AppsSigning requires encoding

    OutSystems fixed this issue. You should upgrade your Platform Server and LifeTime to a newer version.

    If you have Google Play App Signing feature enabled in the Google Play Console your app may crash. Logcat, once you deobfuscate the logs, shows a RepackagingException. Applies to LifeTime 11.6.1 and earlier and Platform Server 11.10 and earlier.

    In LifeTime, if you edit the Extensibility Configurations, you must encode the value of the GooglePlayAppSigningCertificate key. To encode the value of the certificate, follow these steps:

    1. In Google Chrome developer tools, open the console.
    2. Run the following JavaScript code: encodeURIComponent("[public-key-certificate]").
    3. Copy the output of the command as the new value for the GooglePlayAppSigningCertificate key.

    For more information about Google app signing, see Google Play App Signing.

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