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OSDiagTool - OutSystems Support Diagnostics Tool



OSDiagTool - OutSystems Support Diagnostics Tool


Sometimes during the troubleshooting process of a support case, one of our support engineers might ask you to obtain system information and logs of your Windows server. In order to ease up the process of collecting the necessary information, we have created the OSDiagTool(.NET) for this, which is owned by OutSystems Support.

How to execute the tool?

  1. Download the tool here (OSDiagTool zip):

  2. Decompress the zip file and double-click the OSDiagTool.exe (it will run as Administrator). System information and server logs will be retrieved to a zip file.

  3. The tool will prompt the user for a memory dump of w3wp processes and OutSystems services. If this information wasn't specifically requested by OutSystems Support, please answer ‘no’ (n) as its retrieval may significantly increase the information collection time and will generate considerably large files.

    • When prompted, press 'y' if you want to collect the memory dumps and 'n' if you don't (the default option is 'n'). Then press 'enter' to submit your answer.

  4. Send the generated zip file to OutSystems Support.

An example image of the execution is found below.


The tool will generate a compressed file with all the collected information. In this compressed file, you’ll find the following information:

  • Event Viewer logs;

  • OutSystems services logs;

  • IIS configurations and Access logs;

  • System information from the Registry (SSL Protocols, .NET Framework and IIS);

  • OutSystems services thread dumps

  • IIS Worker Processes thread dumps

  • IIS Worker Processes memory dumps (optional)