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Environment Health shows a Deployment controller twice


The Environment Health screen shows the same Deployment Controller or Front-End server shows up twice, under different IP addresses or host names.

In the example below, the same Front-end Server appears listed as vmrhelrbs,, and



The duplication happens when the front-end server is registered with a different name than the Deployment Controller Hostname defined in Configuration Tool. The issue can happen in any version of Service Center.


The name in the list of Front-End Servers must match the name configured as Deployment Controller Hostname. Do one of the following actions:

  • On the Configuration Tool, configure the name shown under Front-end Servers as the Deployment Controller Hostname. If the Deployment Controller has a fixed IP address, use the IP address.
  • Change the name of the Front-end Server to match the Deployment Controller Hostname,

More information

See the Configuration Tool Help for more information.