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Debugger not working


  • In a debug session, the debugger never reaches a breakpoint.
  • In the middle of a debug session, the debugger just hangs.
  • The debugger stops working.


During a debug session, Service Studio contacts the environment where the app is deployed. During the session it communicates back and forth several times with the environment. To keep communications fast, Service Studio keeps an open connection to the environment.

Depending on your anti-virus, firewall, or other network elements you might have in place, it's possible that these elements abruptly close the connection between Service Studio and the environment.

And that's when the debugger hangs.


Configure Service Studio so that it establishes a new connection for each request made to the environment.

In Edit menu, under Preferences, check the Use One Connection per Request in Debugger option.

By activating this option, it's possible that the debugger feels slower since it's establishing new connections on each request.

More information

There might be other problems affecting your debug session. Check other reasons for the debugger to misbehave.

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