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How to Install Architecture Dashboard



How to Install Architecture Dashboard

Describes requirements and installation steps


  • OutSystems Platform 10 or later.

  • .Net Stack only

  • LifeTime must be deployed in a dedicated environment.

  • The following applications (available in Forge) must be installed in LifeTime and Development environments:

  • LifeTime environment must be able to connect to Architecture Dashboard Web Service available at:
  • To collect Architecture metrics, Discovery version 3.0.9 or later (for OS 10) / 4.0.2 (for OS 11) or later must be published in the Development environment.

  • To collect Performance metrics, LifeTime Analytics must be enabled on the non-development environments to be monitored.


To use Architecture Dashboard the first step is to register your infrastructure on the tool. To do so click on "Register for the Early Access" button on the login page and follow the instructions shown on each screen. At the end of the process, you will be presented with the download links of the probes.

Registration page:



After downloading the probes files you can now install them by following the steps below.

Attention: The probe's download link sent on the email has a 7-day expiry date. After that time the link will not longer work and you must open a support case to ask for a new link to download the probes.

Installation Steps

  1. Make sure that the pre-required applications are installed in both LifeTime and Development environments.

  2. If there's a previous version of the probes installed there's no need to uninstall them, just proceed with the steps below to install the new ones.

  3. On LifeTime environment, open Service Center and publish the downloaded file with the solution “Architecture Dashboard LifeTime Probe”.

    • Open the URL https://<lifetime_url>/servicecenter      

    • Publish the Architecture_Dashboard_Lifetime_Probe  (Steps 1 to 4)

    • In the end the probe must appear in the list (Step 5)

  4. On Development environment, open Service Center and publish the downloaded file with the solution “Architecture Dashboard Environment Probe”.

    • Open the URL https://<dev_environment_url>/servicecenter      

    • Publish the Architecture_Dashboard_Environment_Probe  (same steps as above)

    • In the end the probe must appear in the list 

  5. Go to LifeTime and open the “Architecture Dashboard” plugin under the “More” or "Plugins" menu.


  6. Click the “Configuration” button.


  7. Confirm Architecture Dashboard SaaS API URL is set to:
    • This is the URL used to connect to Architecture Dashboard SaaS.
    • Do not change it afterward, otherwise, the plugin will stop working.
  8. Configure each environment to be monitored:

    1. Click “Configure”.


    2. Select the appropriate “Environment Type” for the environment:

      • Choose Code Analysis for the Development environment, where the code will be analyzed (the same one where the probe was installed before).

      • Choose Runtime Performance for the environment where runtime performance will be analyzed, usually a Production or Quality Assurance environment.

      • Only 1 environment of each type can be selected.

    3. Click “Save and Activate probe” and confirm.


  9. Go back to “Home”. The plugin is now configured and will periodically collect data to send to Architecture Dashboard for analysis.

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