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Change to our email support channel

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  • At OutSystems, we strive to make your interactions with us smooth and frictionless. With this important goal in mind, we're announcing a change to our email support channel.

    What's changing?

    We're deactivating the email account and its ticket-generation process, and consolidating online communications in our Support Portal. To create a support ticket, call us or create one through the Support Portal.

    When does this change take effect?

    Effective July 15th, 2021, you can no longer create support tickets by emailing Instead, you can create tickets through the Support Portal or by phone.

    Why are we doing this?

    Consolidating online communications in our Support Portal enables us to personalize the support experience to meet your individual needs. Additionally, when you create a ticket, the guided process ensures we have the required information to efficiently route and start troubleshooting your issue.

    How can I create support tickets?

    We encourage you to contact OutSystems Support by phone or through the Support Portal.

    Understood, so what's next?

    Until July 15th, 2021, creating a new support ticket by email generates a response that reminds you about the upcoming change. After July 15th, emails no longer create tickets, and you receive an auto-reply that directs you to the Support Portal.

    Remember, we're always here for you!

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