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Support terms and service level agreements (SLA) of the OutSystems software


Support terms and service level agreements (SLA) of the OutSystems software

This document applies to customers with a valid and active Subscription of the OutSystems platform.
Looking for Personal Environment support? Check this document.

OutSystems Support Terms of Use

OutSystems Support is a person-to-person, fast-response support channel staffed with experienced support engineers. The service helps customers to successfully set up, deploy and use the OutSystems Software. The service also helps customers with issues such as architecture recommendations, assistance with OutSystems web properties, and licensing issues.

This document describes the Support & Software Updates Services included in the OutSystems Platform Subscription, which are key to ensure non-stop operations.

Service Requests

All customers with a valid and active Subscription can contact Support to:

  • Submit Service Requests
  • Obtain information on existing Service Requests.

Access methods

OutSystems Support is made available through:

Technical contacts

Only technical contacts named by your company can submit Service Requests and interact with Support. Technical contacts must be knowledgeable of the OutSystems environment and specifics related to Software installations and Support.

Your company can add unlimited technical contacts to the company account. Your company can delegate the ability to add further contacts to any other technical contact.

To add a technical contact for your company:

  1. Have the person register in the OutSystems Community;
  2. In your company's  OutSystems Support account, provide the email the person used to register. The email can be a company address, a personal address, or another company's address. For example, from a contractor.

We strongly recommend setting your technical contacts immediately after acquiring the OutSystems Software. You want to avoid any delay if you come across a sensitive situation. People that are not technical contacts must ask their questions through you. Having more technical contacts means more people can contact us.

For all purposes mentioned in this section, OutSystems staff are considered technical contacts. However, the staff must be working with the customer under the scope of:

  • A Professional Services Addendum;
  • A Master Services Agreement;
  • A Customer Success Program.

Submitting a Service Request

To submit a Service Request follow the instructions on Contact OutSystems technical support.

Support Severity Levels

OutSystems Support response times are based on the Severity Level that is assigned for each Service Request. 


You can communicate with OutSystems Support in English.
Support in other languages (namely Portuguese) is provided in best-effort and subject to staff availability at the time.

Solving Service Requests

Once OutSystems responds to your Service Request a Support agent will work with you to identify and resolve your Problem. The resolution provided by OutSystems may include one or more of the following:

  • A Fix of the OutSystems Software;
  • A mutually agreed upon Workaround;
  • Another remedy, such as a reconfiguration of the Software.

We consider Service Requests resolved if:

  • Your Problem is fixed;
  • Your Problem is identified and 5 business days have passed since a resolution has been provided;
  • The source of the Problem lies with third party software or hardware components. In this case, OutSystems will continue to help as you work with the third party on resolution;
  • You do not respond to a query or request from us for more than 5 business days;
  • You choose not to pursue troubleshooting of a Problem;
  • It is not possible to obtain the elements needed for troubleshooting using reasonable effort.

For recurring Problems you may open a new Service Request that refers to the previous one.

As a rule, OutSystems provides Support and Updates from its offices. Exceptionally, Support can also be provided at End-Customer’s offices, or any other location End-Customer designates, if:

  • End-Customer previously so requests, and OutSystems accept it; and
  • End-Customer pays the applicable additional price, as set forth on the then current OutSystems’ price list.

OutSystems Support works as follows:

  • For cases of Urgent and High severity, work happens during the periods in which End-Customer is entitled to Support, based on the service level (8x5 or 24x7). For these cases, telephone / synchronous communication can be expected during those periods.
  • For cases of Normal and Low severity, work only happens Monday-Friday (except Jan 1 and Dec 25). For these cases, electronic / asynchronous communication can be expected.

When resolving a service request, the priority for OutSystems Support is removing the impact that a Problem is having on End-Customer activities. For that reason, OutSystems Support works with End-Customer in order to resolve a problem prioritizing workarounds or remedies such as reconfiguration of the Software. Production of fixes to OutSystems Software outside of a Monday-Friday period will only happen in association to an Urgent or High case, if no workaround or remedy such as reconfiguration of the Software are available, and if the End-Customer is entitled to 24x7 support.


In the PaaS offer, Support agents may access directly the End-Customer's systems to provide Support and Updates. Direct access will happen at OutSystems' discretion and when the Support agent deems necessary.

Escalating Service Requests

We recommend that you request escalation when you feel that:

  • Your Service request has become more severe or should have a higher severity level;
  • We are not resolving your Service Request appropriately.

Before you request escalation, make sure that you have opened a Service Request. The information in the service request must enable us to understand:

  • The severity of the issue for your business.
  • Why OutSystems must work on the issue with higher urgency.

Follow Escalate a support ticket to contact the management of OutSystems Support Service.

Licensing and commercial inquiries

Support Services staff are not suited to assist with licensing questions or commercial inquiries.

For questions about OutSystems Platform licensing:

For licensing questions specific to your OutSystems Platform subscription, including expiration dates, questions on licensed features and how to upgrade:

  • Contact your sales representative or account manager;
  • Contact our Licensing team visiting the Support portal. Don't forget to indicate your Customer Account Name and Activation Code.

For questions on pricing or on acquiring OutSystems Platform:

Cloud service delivery requiring direct assistance from OutSystems Support (PaaS only)

Customers using PaaS have access to some cloud services. While most of the services can be activated in self-service, some of these services require direct assistance from OutSystems Support for their delivery (usually in a coordinated effort with customer teams).

Delivery of these services is performed in accordance with the table in the linked document.

Software Updates

Software Updates are available to customers with a valid and active Subscription. OutSystems provides two types of Software Updates:

  • Patches are maintenance updates that include defect fixes and, occasionally, minor new features; and
  • Major versions are evolutionary updates that introduce significant improvements and changes. Major versions may have changes that break existing applications.

PaaS customers must contact Product Support to schedule the update of their environments. OutSystems takes care of installing new updates and versions in all environments. Customers only have to update their applications.

On-premises and hybrid customers are responsible for updating their applications and on-premises environments. You can find new Software Updates in the Downloads area of the OutSystems website. You may also request an Application Upgrade service from us or from one of our partners.

Software Updates may impact your running applications.

You should plan your update carefully to have a minimal business impact. When a Software Update impacts existing applications, OutSystems will provide a technical note with update strategies. See Upgrade OutSystems Platform for details.

Availability (PaaS only)

For customers with a valid and not discontinued subscription of OutSystems platform, OutSystems shall use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure an uptime of 99.9% with regard to PaaS during any given month of the Subscription Term, excluding the periods:

(i) in which any of the Parties are performing scheduled maintenance;
(ii) that result from a termination as described in of the Agreement;
(iii) that result from suspension due to overdue payments;
(iv) caused by factors outside of OutSystems’ reasonable control, including any force majeure event or Internet access or related problems;
(v) that result from any actions or inactions of customer or any third party on behalf of customer;
(vi) that result from customer’s equipment, software or other technology and/or third party equipment, software or other technology, contracted by customer;
(vii) caused by customer’s use of the Software in a manner inconsistent with the documentation or OutSystems’ guidance;
(viii) caused by customer’s use of the Software after OutSystems advised customer to modify its use of the Software;
(ix) attributable to acts by persons gaining unauthorized access to or use of the Software due to customer’s failure to maintain and control security and access to the Software;
(x) attributable to the acts or omissions of customer or its employees, agents, contractors, or vendors, or anyone gaining access to the Software and/or the Support and Updates services by means of customer’s credentials or equipment;
(xi) that result from the deployment or execution of Applications in the PaaS which, due to excessively complex or erroneous programming of said Applications, will not consistently answer user requests successfully, with a predictable term, without errors or any sort, and without behaviors susceptible of consuming excessive resources from the underlying hardware or software, or causing contention in access to said resources.

Scheduled Maintenance (PaaS only)

From time to time, OutSystems reserves the right to perform maintenance interventions. These interventions update the PaaS Software to ensure you benefit from new capabilities and defect fixes.

In the event of Scheduled Maintenance:

  • OutSystems will use commercially reasonable efforts to notify End-Customers with at least 2 business days in advance.
  • OutSystems will notify all technical contacts associated with the company via email. 
  • Whenever possible, you are allowed to reschedule the maintenance task.

Scope of OutSystems Support

Our Support Service Levels cover development and production issues of the OutSystems Software, including:

  1. Answering questions regarding obtaining, installing and configuring the development environment and the server environment;
  2. Answering questions regarding the product engine and its architecture;
  3. Troubleshooting issues with the development environment tools (Service Studio / Integration Studio);
  4. Troubleshooting unexpected behaviors of the widgets, built-in primitives and supported components provided by OutSystems with the Software;
  5. Troubleshooting OutSystems built-in primitives while integrating with third-party systems using the OutSystems Software;
  6. Troubleshooting performance issues that can be linked directly to either:
     a) a specific misbehavior of OutSystems Platform or
     b) incorrect behavior of a simple application development pattern using OutSystems primitives;
  7. On the PaaS offer, Performing system administration tasks.


OutSystems Support does not include:

  1. Developing code for you;
  2. Debugging your applications;
  3. Analyzing and troubleshooting the performance of your applications or your infrastructure, excluding those falling under item f) in the previous section;
  4. Troubleshooting unexpected behaviors in community-developed components obtained from the OutSystems Forge, except if the component is marked as Supported by OutSystems;
  5. Performing system administration tasks (except for systems hosted in our PaaS offer).


Additionally, OutSystems shall have no obligation to support:

  1. Software installed on any hardware and/or interfaces that are not supported by OutSystems;
  2. Problems caused by End-Customer’s negligence, abuse or misapplication or use of the Software other than as specified in the Documentation, in the Licensing Information or other causes beyond the control of OutSystems.

Discontinuation of Older Software Versions

We provide regular Support and Updates for each Software Version:

  • For a minimum of 2 years;
  • As long as a valid Subscription exists; and
  • Until OutSystems discontinues such Software Version.

When a particular Software Version is discontinued, OutSystems is no longer able to release Updates to such version.

Customers with a valid Subscription are still entitled to submit Support requests for a discontinued Software Version, but:

  • We will respond according to the usual support level and severity level;
  • Our Problem resolutions will only include advice or workarounds;
  • Our Problem resolutions will not include a Fix to any currently discontinued version;
  • If a fix is required for proper resolution, OutSystems can only provide such Update for currently supported Versions;

Fixes require Customers to update discontinued Software Versions to the latest supported Software Version.

  • Our commitment to pursue a 99.9% Availability is not applicable.

In the PaaS offer, if the underlying IaaS provider breaks compatibility with OutSystems Platform, Customers will have to update discontinued Software Versions. The problem will already be fixed in the latest supported version.

Additional Online Resources

The OutSystems website provides a complete set of documentation, tools and other additional technical resources that help customers in everyday activity and support, from self-training and solution design to systems support. Important events generate notification alerts to subscribers.

Product Resources

Every product update & patch is available from the Downloads area of the OutSystems website.

Find out more at

Training Resources

Training resources and product documentation are available in the Learn area of the OutSystems website. Here you'll find useful content for both newcomers starting with OutSystems Platform and reference help for expert users.

Find out more at


Private and public forums are available at OutSystems Community Forums. Here, developers and OutSystems engineers share their experiences and knowledge, freely and effectively.

Find out more at

OutSystems Business Days

Monday through Friday except January 1st and December 25th.



Note: This document applies to customers with a valid and active Subscription of the OutSystems platform. OutSystems reserves the right at any time to modify this document and to add new or additional terms or conditions on the use of the OutSystems platform.

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