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How to Add New Users to the Support Portal

As your team grows, you’ll probably want new members to engage directly with OutSystems support. 

Although there isn’t a limit on the number of people from your organization reaching out to OutSystems support, before engaging with OutSystems they should be linked with your company in the Account Settings area.

Learn more: How to add a new member in your Account Settings

Available options when adding a new user

Support permissions are granted per OutSystems subscription and include:

  • (Default)
    • Create new support cases
    • Browse his or her support cases
  • Infrastructure Admin
    • Access all support cases (including from the past)
    • Manage members and permissions for this infrastructure
    • Automatically be notified and take over cases opened by non-authorized contacts
  • CC in all cases
    • Access and receive email notifications for all support cases opened on this infrastructure