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First steps with your OutSystems subscription

For new OutSystems customers and partners, this article outlines the first steps for setting up the OutSystems subscription and team permissions.  

Once your OutSystems subscription is active, the financial and technical contacts for your subscription will receive a welcome email, opening the door to their digital onboarding.

By clicking GET STARTED and following the onboarding steps, the customer or partner will have access to OutSystems Customer Portal with all the information and tools needed to start working with OutSystems.


First Steps

Get started with your account

If this is your first time, create an OutSystems Community Account:


Add team permissions and roles

In this step, you need to define your role in the organization (you can only have one role). If you are the Platform Admin then you will not have to define any more team members in this step, being able to do it later directly in the OutSystems Customer Portal.

add team.png


Create your LifeTime account

For cloud subscriptions define the credentials to access the infrastructure:

LT account.png

Note to those with cloud subscriptions: Your technical contact and developers will be invited to set up their developer accounts (in the Lifetime application), so they can start developing right away!


OutSystems Portal

At this point, your first steps are completed, but there are a few more tasks to complete. OutSystems Customer Portal will guide customers and partners through it.