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Escalate a support ticket


Escalate a support ticket


If you open an Urgent or High support case, always remember reaching out to Support by phone. Be sure to know your case number (if you already opened it in Support Portal) so it can be treated with the appropriate severity.
OutSystems advises customers to always open the case in OutSystems Support Portal with all the relevant technical information before contacting Support by phone.


If you feel your support case needs immediate attention you can escalate it by:

Escalate a case in Support Portal

In Support Portal, to escalate a case, you can use the escalation options:


You will typically want to escalate a case due to one of two reasons: the severity of the case has changed, or the team is not handling the case appropriately:



If you are escalating a case because it became more severe, you will be instructed to reach out to Support by phone. Don't worry - we'll just use this phone call to assess the urgency and align the strategy to move forward and keep you up to date on how things are evolving.

However, if you are escalating the case because you feel the team is not handling the case appropriately, you will have the option to let us know what's wrong. Please be as detailed as possible - we'll need to know what's wrong in order to turn it around.


Escalate a case by phone

If you wish you can escalate a case by phone. It works the same way as by Support Portal (see previous section).


What happens after I escalate a case?

When you escalate a support case, the event will be recorded in the case history - so it is visible for everyone with access to it.
Additionally, escalating a case triggers an internal process within support where your case is reviewed, an action plan to follow up with it is defined, and the customer is contacted to define the plan and touch points to ensure appropriate case resolution and attain customer expectation.

To speed up this process, be ready to talk with one of our support engineers if needed. Feel free to provide any contact methods you deem relevant (phone, email, instant messaging, etc).

Escalating a support case brings visibility to your case within the OutSystems Support organization up to management level. OutSystems takes case escalation seriously, as we are constantly working to improve the quality of the service we deliver to our customers.