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End of Mainstream Support for OutSystems Platform 10

OutSystems continually delivers new capabilities to help customers innovate and differentiate, building enterprise-grade apps that adapt as fast as business demands. To focus our engineering resources on those innovative capabilities, we establish a cut-off date to end support for older code. These cut-off dates are typically two to three years after the launch of a major version. The end of mainstream support for OutSystems Platform 10 (O10) will happen on May 31, 2020.

At February 28, 2020, OutSystems announced an extended support period for OutSystems 10 that would start on May 31 and last until August 31. OutSystems is following closely the COVID-19 development and how it affects companies worldwide. More than ever, stability is crucial. And as usual, we commit to doing whatever is possible to help you ensure that your business is running smoothly and steadily. Therefore, we decided to increase the duration of the extended support phase of O10 until December 31, 2020.

What Does This Mean? 

OutSystems technical support team will continue to help you when you submit support requests. If technical support identifies Urgent or High issues in the product with no acceptable workaround during the extended support phase, the resolution may still include bug fixes in O10. After that period, if a bug is the problem, technical support’s response will not include a bug fix. In this scenario, problem-solving will only include advice and workarounds. To avoid this situation, we recommend that upgrades happen before the scheduled end of mainstream support.

OutSystems Cloud Specifics 

If you are on the OutSystems cloud, a timely upgrade is mandatory. 

The majority of our Cloud customers in O10 will be able to benefit from this extension right away. However, customers in OutSystems Cloud using Oracle may need to update earlier, since AWS announced the end of Oracle 11 and 12c support, which are the database versions currently supported by O10. We're working on a plan to minimize the impact on those customers' infrastructures and ensure that they can benefit from the extension and have a smooth transition to O11.

If you are still running on OutSystems 10 on Dec 31, OutSystems will schedule compulsory upgrades to your OutSystems cloud environments after that date. We will notify you of the update schedule 30 days in advance. The upgrade schedule will detail the timeline for the upgrade of all your non-production environments and the upgrade of your databases.

To minimize the impact on your software development activities, we recommend you to anticipate the upgrade schedule to convenient dates.

Technology stack specifics 

A few customers are running the OutSystems platform on Java, or using MySQL as their platform database, and will have a specific support plan. See: OutSystems 10 support calendar for Java and OutSystems 10 support calendar for MySQL for more information.

Who Upgrades the Affected Environments? 

The upgrade responsibility depends on the type of installation: on-premises, cloud, or hybrid.


If you have an on-premises installation, you are responsible for the upgrade process. OutSystems can provide upgrade services (at a cost) if you wish to have individualized assistance from our OutSystems services team. You may contact your account manager or OutSystems partner for details on the upgrade services offering. You can find more information on how to upgrade on-premises OutSystems Platform in our knowledge base.

OutSystems Cloud

If you have your installation on the OutSystems cloud environment, carefully review the knowledge base article that explains how to upgrade the OutSystems Platform in the OutSystems Cloud, then please contact our support team to schedule the upgrade, before Dec 31st, 2020. The technical support team upgrades the infrastructure and platform; however, there are additional upgrade activities that you are responsible for, such as assessing the impact of the upgrade on your applications and upgrading these applications.

Hybrid Deployments

If you have a hybrid deployment model that combines on-premises and OutSystems cloud environments, we will schedule your OutSystems platform instances in the Cloud to upgrade before the End of Extended Support. Please contact our support team before the Dec 31st, 2020 cut-off date to coordinate the upgrade of your on-premises and cloud environments at the same time.

What Do You Need to Do? 

Start planning your company’s upgrade to OutSystems 11. By upgrading to OutSystems 11, you will benefit from the enhanced capabilities of the newest OutSystems releases and continue taking advantage of OutSystems support and maintenance. To help you design an effective upgrade strategy, we’ve published an OutSystems Upgrade Guide. If you have any questions about this announcement, please contact your OutSystems Partner or account manager.

OutSystems 10 support calendar for Java

As the OutSystems platform evolves to match tomorrow’s technology stacks, we stopped to invest in traditional Java application servers.

OutSystems discussed individually with each customer the best stack evolution plan and will be helping customers with this transition. 

Mainstream Support continues until the end of 2021 for customers running OutSystems on Java application servers.

OutSystems 10 support calendar for MySQL

OutSystems 11 continues to support MySQL as an external database, allowing OutSystems applications to work seamlessly on data managed in MySQL external databases.

On the other hand, OutSystems 11 no longer supports MySQL as a platform database.

OutSystems is discussing individually with each customer the best database evolution plan and will be helping customers with this transition.

Mainstream Support continues until the end of 2021 for customers running OutSystems with MySQL as their platform database.

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