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Cloud services catalog

Customers using the OutSystems Cloud have access to a variety of cloud services. Most of these services can be activated via self-service, and some require direct assistance from OutSystems Support for their delivery (usually in a coordinated effort with the customer).

For an overview of OutSystems Cloud services, visit this page.

This document lists the services available for our Cloud customers, their availability based on platform edition, and useful information for their activation.

The available services for each edition don't change when the Sentry add-on is subscribed.

It is the customer's responsibility to request the delivery of OutSystems Cloud services accordingly, taking into account the timelines indicated in this document to prevent unexpected delays and roadblocks for their activities using OutSystems.

Delivery of these services is subject to scheduling with OutSystems Support and resource availability.

Category Service Basic (1) Standard (1) Standard w/High Availability (1) Enterprise (1) Target Delivery (2)
Architecture Rename environment - 5 business days
Reorder environment - 5 business days
Maintenance Major version upgrade (3)(4)(5) 5 business days
Minor version update (3)(4)(5) 5 business days
Security Add database encryption (3) (default on Sentry) 5 business days
Reset credentials < 24 hours (6)
Install client-side certificate 5 business days
Add certificate to trusted root store - 5 business days
Enable SSL/TLS
(with assistance by Support)
5 business days
Enforce HTTPS security
(with assistance by Support)
5 business days
Configure an internal network  - 5 business days
Networking Set up VPN - 5 business days
Reconfigure VPN - 5 business days
Deactivate VPN - 5 business days
Set up Transit Gateway - 5 business days
Set up AWS DirectConnect - 5 business days
Configure DNS
(default on OutSystems Sentry)
- 5 business days
Service Availability Reschedule specific maintenance task
(about maintenance windows)
< 48 hours (5)(6)
Activate database replica (HA add-on) - - 5 business days
Database restore (3)(production environments) < 24 hours (6)(8)
Temporary OutSystems Cloud database backup - - < 24 hours (6)(8)
Scale-up/down database (3) - 5 business days
Add front-end server - 5 business days
Scale-up/down front-end (3) - 5 business days
Other Direct database access - 5 business days
Add/remove IP address for database access - 5 business days



(1) These columns indicate the availability of each service based on the OutSystems edition, for customers with a subscription in force after Jan 1, 2020. Customers with a subscription in force before Jan 1, 2020 need to confirm with OutSystems Support the availability of each service for their specific subscription.
(2) Target delivery is the time OutSystems anticipates for the delivery of the service. Some cloud services require that some information is provided before we can fulfill your request. The target delivery time counts from the moment all the required information is provided. OutSystems will use commercially reasonable effort to complete delivery in this time. This time does not represent a commitment from OutSystems and may increase due to events outside of OutSystems' reasonable control, including impediments by the Customer. OutSystems commits to working delivery of each service by the rules of Support Tickets mapped as follows: services with target times < 24h map to Urgent tickets; services with target times < 48h map to High tickets; all others map to Normal tickets.
(3) Execution of this service may require OutSystems Cloud to have explicit downtime, which will depend on the actual setup of each Customer. Execution of this service must be scheduled with OutSystems, at which point the downtime requirements can be clarified. Downtime required for delivery of this service counts as planned maintenance of the Software and does not affect the availability commitment by OutSystems.
(4) OutSystems Software version upgrades are delivered to Customers in phases, according to a plan agreed between OutSystems and the Customer. The timings indicated here apply to schedule an individual environment; the full upgrade of a Customer in OutSystems Cloud will consist of several environments, which are scheduled for upgrade in a sequence. In addition to the tasks performed by OutSystems, Customers are required to execute additional tasks to complete the version upgrade, the duration of which is not considered in this document.
(5) Automatic update or upgrade operations for selected OutSystems versions are available 24/7. Non-automatic update or upgrade operations delivery outside of Business Hours requires the Customer to be entitled to 24x7 Support. Upgrades on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) are restricted to production environments and available only for Customers entitled to 24x7 Support.
(6) 1 business day for Customers not entitled to 24x7 Support.
(7) 2 business days for Customers not entitled to 24x7 Support.
(8) Target delivery times for this item may expand to 5 business days in situations where this increase in time does not impact customer business. To comply with the target delivery times in impactful situations, OutSystems may resort to workarounds or alternative configurations to restore service, and current such configuration at a later moment, scheduled with the customer.