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Cloud service delivery requiring direct assistance from OutSystems Support (PaaS only)


Customers using PaaS have access to some cloud services. While most of the services can be activated in self-service, some of these services require direct assistance from OutSystems Support for their delivery (usually in a coordinated effort with Customer teams).

It is the Customer's responsibility to request delivery of OutSystems cloud services accordingly, taking into account the timelines indicated in this document, to prevent unexpected delays and roadblocks for their activities using the OutSystems Platform.

Service delivery

Delivery of these services is performed by OutSystems within the time frames described in the table below:

Service Off-hours (1) Requires downtime (2) Target delivery (3) Severity Level
Initial provisioning NO not applicable 2 business days NORMAL
      - Initial setup NO NO 5 business days NORMAL
      - Reconfiguration (add/remove routes;
                            allow/block access in Firewall)
YES NO < 48 hours (5) HIGH
      - Reconfiguration (other tasks) NO NO 5 business days NORMAL
Enable SSL/TLS
(when manual validation by Support is needed)
NO NO 5 business days NORMAL
Vertical scalability - front-ends YES high-avail: NO
std-avail: 30 min
5 business days NORMAL
Vertical scalability - database YES high-avail: 15 min
std-avail: 30 min
5 business days NORMAL
Horizontal scalability
(when self-service is not available) (7)
NO NO 5 business days NORMAL
Additional environment provisioning
(when self-service is not available) (7)
NO NO 5 business days NORMAL
Database reconfiguration:  
      - Database storage increase (6) YES NO < 48 hours (5) HIGH
      - Activate high availability
      (when self-service is not available) (7)
NO NO 5 business days NORMAL
      - Other tasks  NO (depends) 5 business days LOW
Database backup and restore   YES (depends on data volume, approx 3h for a 200GB DB) < 24 hours (4) URGENT
Access to the underlying
infrastructure and services
NO NO 5 business days NORMAL
OutSystems software version upgrade (8)  
      - Production environments YES high-avail: NO
std-avail: 4h
5 business days NORMAL
      - Other environments NO Approx 4h 5 business days LOW
OutSystems password recovery YES NO < 24 hours (4) URGENT
Any supported service not described here NO (depends) 5 business days LOW


(1) Off-hours means that this service can be delivered outside of Business Hours. Delivery of service outside of Business Hours requires that Customer has subscribed the 24x7 Support option.
(2) Requires downtime indicates whether execution of this service requires the PaaS to have explicit downtime. If NO, no downtime is required; if downtime is required, where applicable, the table indicates an average downtime for HA (environments with high availability) and for SA (environments with standard availability). Execution of these services must be scheduled in accordance to the off-hours column, regardless of causing downtime or not. Downtime required for delivery of a service counts as planned maintenance of the Software and does not affect the availability commitment by OutSystems.
(3) Target delivery is the time OutSystems anticipates for delivery of the service. OutSystems will use commercially reasonable effort to complete delivery in this time. This time does not represent a commitment from OutSystems and may increase due to events outside of OutSystems' reasonable control. OutSystems commits to working delivery of each service according to the service levels defined for Support Tickets in accordance with the severity level indicated in the Severity Level column.
(4) 1 business day for Customers that did not subscribe to the 24x7 Support option.
(5) 2 business days for Customers that did not subscribe to the 24x7 Support option.
(6) The High Severity Level associated with database storage increase is related to the impact such a topic may have on the normal behavior of the Customer environment. Depending on the specific Customer configuration, OutSystems may be able to provide the actual storage increase in the indicated timeframe, or in alternative provide a reconfiguration that minimizes the impact and a later scheduling of the storage increase, which may or may not require additional downtime, and which can also be delivered off-hours for Customers that subscribe to the 24x7 Support option.
(7) Self-service provisioning of certain features may not be available in rare situations such as very specific planned maintenance tasks. In such a situation, OutSystems will be able to clarify the reason for the unavailability of self-service provisioning.
(8) OutSystems Software version upgrades are delivered to Customers in phases, according to a plan agreed between OutSystems and the Customer. The timings indicated here apply to scheduling of an individual environment; the full upgrade of a Customer's PaaS will consist of several environments, which are scheduled for upgrade in a sequence. In addition to the tasks performed by OutSystems, Customers are required to execute additional tasks to complete the version upgrade, the duration of which is not considered in this document.