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Support ticket severity levels

This document applies to customers with a valid and active Subscription of the OutSystems platform.
Looking for Personal Environment support? Check this document.

When creating a support ticket, be sure to correctly identify its severity level. This ensures your problem gets solved quickly and without impact for your business.

Initial Response Times

Severity Level Description Standard Enterprise support Extended Enterprise support (24x7)



Only available for production environments.

Represents a complete loss of service or a significant feature that is completely unavailable, and no workaround exists.

Does not include development issues or problems in staging environments.

First response within 3 business hours


First response within 3 hours




Available for all environments.

Represents a partial loss of service with severe impact to the business and no workaround exists.

First response within 6 business hours


First response within 6 hours



Minor loss of service. The result is an inconvenience, which may require a temporary workaround.


Confirmation of ticket opening
within 2 business days

Confirmation of ticket opening
within 2 business days


Low Priority


No loss of service. The result does not prevent operation of the software.


Confirmation of ticket opening
within 5 business days

Confirmation of ticket opening
within 5 business days


What does a "first response" mean?
First response implies that OutSystems Support has analyzed the problem you reported, has performed initial troubleshooting and will contact you with indication of a remediation action for your problem, a request for additional information to better understand your problem, or another relevant technical update to the case.


What does "confirmation of ticket opening" mean?
Confirmation of ticket opening means that OutSystems Support has received the ticket, has all the needed information to pursue its analysis and troubleshooting. Your ticket may have not been analyzed by a technician yet.
If you open your case through Support Portal, you get immediate confirmation of ticket opening - and a support case number (e.g. #123456). If you open it through a different channel (email or phone) you can expect a confirmation of ticket opening within the indicated time period.


How does time count for Normal or Low Priority tickets if your subscription includes Extended Support?
When you submit a Normal or Low Priority Service Request outside business hours, the response time starts to count at the start of the next business day.


How does time count if your subscription does not include Extended Support?
Response times count within the business hours of your region. For example:

  • if you submit an Urgent case (3 business hours for first response)
  • at the end of the business day (e.g. 18h30) for UK (with business hours being 8AM - 7PM)
  • then the 3 business hours time period would finish at 10h30AM of the following business day.


Subsequent Response Times

After the first response our customers can expect similar response times for Urgent and High Service Requests, and a monthly status update for Normal and Low Priority Service Requests.

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