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How to open a support case

Steps to open a case

To open a support case, go to OutSystems Support Portal and follow these steps:

  1. Start by clicking on Create Case.


  2. Fill in the Title and Description of the issue you need help with.
    In the description, include all the details you can. This will help the support team to pinpoint your problem and speed up case resolution. If you know the cause, include it as well as any kind of troubleshooting that has already been done.

  3. Click Next.
  4. A list of helpful articles will be shown. Make sure to go through the content that relates to your case, maybe the assistance you need is already covered in our documentation.

  5. If after browsing the articles you still need help, click  My issue is not related with these articles to continue.
  6. On the next step, we’ll ask you to add any image or document that will help the support team to understand the issue. Examples of useful files to attach are error logs, screenshots or a module reproducing the issue. If you have several files to attach, send them in a zip file.

  7. Move to the next step by clicking Next.
  8. Fill in the details of the OutSystems environment the case relates to. Once you fill in a field, the next one will appear:
    1. Select the infrastructure activation code from the list.
    2. A list of environments from that activation code will appear, select the one the case relates to.
    3. Select the Platform Server version. You can determine the Platform Server version in Service Center.
    4. You can also select the LifeTime and Service Studio version

  9. Click Next once all the details are filled in.
  10. Select the impact the case is having on your business. After selecting the more suitable option click Next.

  11. In the next step, you can add the email of others that will receive updates on the case and can add comments. After entering the email address click on the “+” (plus) sign to add that email to the list. Colleagues that already have access to all cases of your infrastructure, will be shown here also.

  12. After filling in additional contacts, click Next.
  13. On the last step, you’ll need to confirm your phone number(s).


  14. To create the support case and send it to our support team, click the Submit button.

A final note

The faster the problem is found and replicated, the easier it will be to solve.  Therefore, completeness and correctness of information are critical to a quick resolution.

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