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How to Open a Support Case



How to Open a Support Case


I need to open a support case. How can I do it?


To open a support case, go to the Support Portal and follow these steps


1. Select a topic based on your issue:


2. Select or confirm the correct platform and environment:

  • Select from the infrastructure list the one where the problem is occurring.
  • Select the Platform Version. You can determine the platform version in Lifetime or Service Studio.
  • Select the type of environment


3. Describe your problem. Include all the details you can. This will help support pinpoint your problem more accurately and speed up the case resolution. If you know the cause, include it and any kind of troubleshooting that has already been done. 



4. Attach the logs of the problem. Go to Service Center and select Monitoring -> Error/General/Screen/Integrations and export them to Excel. The type of logs required may vary with the problem. For example, a web service error may require error logs and integration logs only. Select the timeframe of the problem.

5. Replicate the issue in a new module and attach it if possible.

6. Attach any other relevant information such as your module, screenshots, videos or error logs. If you have several files to attach, send them in a zipped or compressed file. 

7. Add tags that will allow you following and searching your internal cases.

8. Select the severity of the problem. Please take into consideration the Severity Levels when selecting yours.


Note: If you selected severity Urgent or High after submitting the request please get in contact with our technical support through phone so our team can help you immediately.

9. Select the impact of the reported problem.

  1. Add additional emails (separated by comma) that will receive updates on the case.
  2. Add Your phone number(s)


A final note

The faster the problem is found and replicated, the easier it will be to solve.  Therefore, completeness and correctness of information are critical to a quick resolution.

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