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What is the New Lifetime UX and Who Can Participate in the EAP?


What is the New Lifetime UX and Who Can Participate in the EAP?

What Is This Document For?

To explain the New Lifetime UX EAP and what it can be used for.

What Features Are We Introducing With the New Lifetime UX?

The new Lifetime UX introduces a number of features that enhance Lifetime usability and speed up the deployment of your OutSystems applications even more. With the new Lifetime UX, you can expect a faster load of the application list. You can find your applications faster with a new search bar and finally, with automatic addition of broken dependencies and selection of only relevant applications, creating your deployment plan is even easier.

Who Is Eligible for the EAP?

For the EAP, OutSystems is looking for customers with large factories, three or more environments, 50+ applications in their portfolio and significant Lifetime activity, ideally more than five deployment plans a week.

Where Can I Run the New Lifetime UX?

The new Lifetime UX is only available for Lifetime environments running on version 10.0.705. You simply update the Lifetime environment to the newest version.

If you are using the OutSystems cloud, use our support portal to request the upgrade of your Lifetime environment. You can check more information on how to upgrade your cloud environments in this knowledge base article.

All stacks supported by OutSystems are eligible for the EAP.

Check here how to enable the new LifeTime UX.

How Long Will the EAP Last and How Will OutSystems Support Participants During the Program?

The EAP will run until the end of the year. The program begins with an onboarding session that explains the program objectives and answers any questions you have. Throughout the program, OutSystems will schedule periodic sessions to get information about your experience.

If you have any issues in your Lifetime environment or it doesn’t behave as it should during the program, open a support request in our support portal. These requests will be prioritized and sent directly to our R&D team.

What Happens When the EAP Ends?

When the EAP ends, the new features will become generally available. EAP participants do not have to take any additional action.

What Is the General Availability Date for the New Lifetime UX?

We are currently planning to release these features in January 2018. This date is subject to change.


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