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System Updates on OutSystems Cloud

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  • Why updating/patching operating systems?

    Patching is the process of repairing system vulnerabilities that are discovered after the infrastructure components have been released on the market. Patching is necessary to keep servers secure from attackers and viruses as well as free from bugs, which can weaken productivity.

    We perform regular patching on all OutSystems Cloud infrastructures' servers. Please note that patching operations won't affect the OutSystems platform.

    When will this maintenance occur?

    OutSystems will notify Cloud customers of scheduled maintenance operations by email. To receive such notifications, you should be registered as an infrastructure admin in your company's Customer Portal. These emails will include the list of affected environments and the planned maintenance schedule (UTC 24 hour format).

    All Microsoft's critical, important and moderate updates to the Windows operating system, as well as relevant updates to the remaining software are installed regularly.

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