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Troubleshoot VPN connection problems


Troubleshoot VPN connection problems

If you're having problems with a VPN connection to your PaaS, be sure to check if your connection and firewall rules are properly configured. Here are the resolution for some of the most frequent problems.

Keeping the VPN tunnel up

If there isn't enough traffic being sent to the OutSystems PaaS VPN, the VPN tunnel is closed. If you want to keep the VPN tunnel continuously open, make sure to configure a continuous ping or SLA monitor on your VPN gateway.

Can't connection to an on-premises database

Confirm that your firewall configurations and the database server are allowing inbound connections from the OutSystems PaaS IP range. By default, OutSystems PaaS don't block outbound connections.

Intermittent connection

This may be caused by asymmetric routing not being supported by your device. Test with only one tunnel up. 

This can also be caused by having more than one Security Association (SA) configured per tunnel. If your firewall implements a policy-based VPN, only one Security Association pair is supported. This means that only one inbound and one outbound SA is supported per tunnel.

More Information

If the problem persists, contact support. To speed up the resolution, be sure to include in your email the current configuration and any error messages you've got. A support engineer will help you troubleshoot your configuration, and if necessary schedule a conference call.

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