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Resetting the Service Center admin password

The procedure below applies only to On-Premises Environments. OutSystems Cloud customers, if they forget the password of one of their users, should request a password reset to one of their infrastructure administrators. If the password to be reset is the administrator's and no other administrator user is available, they will need to contact OutSystems Support to reset it.


To reset the password of the admin user in Service Center, you will need to have access to the database - the only way to achieve this is with a direct update to the OSSYS_USER entity.

To perform the operation, please run the following query.
Please remember to be careful - running the statement incorrectly can destroy other passwords in your system. 

UPDATE ossys_user
SET password = '<hash>'
WHERE username = 'admin'
and tenant_id in (SELECT id FROM ossys_tenant WHERE name = 'ServiceCenter');

You can obtain the hash for the password you want to use in 


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