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Reschedule LifeTime Updates in OutSystems Cloud

Applies to OutSystems PaaS.

OutSystems regularly schedules updates for your LifeTime management console in the cloud. These updates allow you to benefit from the latest LifeTime features and improvements in your cloud infrastructure.

When OutSystems schedules a LifeTime update, you receive an email with the details of the operation: which version will be installed and in which maintenance window will the update operation occur. LifeTime also informs you of the scheduled update in the Environments tab.

You can reschedule the LifeTime update operation to a different maintenance window, if available, in LifeTime. Only users with the Full Control permission can perform the rescheduling.

To reschedule the LifeTime update, do the following:

  1. Open LifeTime and go to the Environments tab.

  2. In the Options dropdown menu, select LifeTime Updates.

    Alternatively, click the "Details" link in the blue banner in the Environments tab informing you of the scheduled update.

  3. Click Check Availability to check if there's another maintenance window available to perform the update operation.

  4. If another maintenance window is available, click Reschedule to accept the alternative maintenance window as the new period for the update operation.

Note: After rescheduling the LifeTime update operation, you won't be able to select the previous maintenance window.

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